A healthy future for Newark Hospital

27 September 2011

Newark Hospital is renowned for the continued excellence in the quality care and service it delivers to its patients every single day.

Notable achievements of the recent past have proven the hospital continues to evolve as a centre for healthcare that will deliver a mix of top quality health services both on-site as well as specialist departments in other locations.

Achievements such as being totally free of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) bacteraemia for over 500 consecutive days – which places them in the top 20 on a national scale.

Service developments such as the addition of 43 new clinics per month over the last year, as well as the achievement of a 51% increase in day cases treated on a yearon-year basis. This is a scenario that reflects patients receiving their operations as day cases without the need for an overnight stay.

Two brand new centres opened last autumn thanks to the generosity of local businessman Nigel Doughty – the Mercia Doughty Pre-Operative Assessment Centre and the Mercia Doughty Endoscopy Centre – through which over 3,000 patients have already benefited from the state-of-the-art facilities.

The realignment of medical beds continues to create a more effective care facility and enables the hospital staff to continue to deliver top quality results – as borne out by the results of two independent assessment visits made by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently. The renaming of the Minor Injuries Unit and Urgent Care Centre better reflects the services on offer and has helped to signpost local people to the most appropriate place for their health needs.

Staff at the hospital are very excited about the future plans to refocus on the wider health needs of patients across the Newark area and to work more closely than ever with the GPs and the practices who are the first line of contact for most patients.

Hospital staff are also keen to acknowledge the invaluable work and support of the Newark Hospital League of Friends – who continue to work for the future of Newark Hospital for the benefit of everyone. Several successful projects have been delivered over the past year, with patients benefiting from new equipment - such as the B-scan for use in the hospital’s ophthalmology (eye) department - and improvements to several operational areas.

There are now ambitious plans afoot for significantly investing in the very heart of Newark Hospital itself – a comprehensive refurbishment of the hospital’s outpatient department which will benefit from over £200,000 of investment.

The League of Friends is instrumental in bringing this project to life – their contribution is able to significantly enhance the capital allocation from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The plans include a complete re-orientation of the outpatient department with enhancements that will improve the patient’s experience. The project should be complete by spring 2012.

King’s Mill volunteers rewarded

29 September 2011

Over 30 volunteers will be presented with long service medals at the King’s Mill Volunteers’ Annual General Meeting and Chairman’s Award Ceremony on Tuesday 4 October 2011.

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Trust celebrates excellence at awards ceremony

28th September 2011

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust celebrated the
achievements of its staff at the presentation of the Staff Excellence Awards on
27 September.

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Hospital staff ‘get the point’

3rd October 2011

This month marks the start of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation
Trust’s staff flu vaccination campaign. Staff caring directly for patients will be
offered immunisation first.

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