Apply to be a volunteer

volunteers working in the cafeHow to apply
If you would like to become a volunteer please visit the 'what volunteers do' section to see which hospital site you are interested in volunteering at and to find out more information about the opportunities available and the contact details.


Application Process

Contact the Voluntary Services Team
After you have decided which site you would like to volunteer at please contact the Voluntary Services Team

Application Form
The Voluntary Services Team will send you an application form to complete and return. You will be contacted to discuss your application further.

Visit to the hospital to meet with the co-ordinator
A meeting will be arranged for you to visit the hospital and discuss our areas of volunteering in more detail.  It will also be an opportunity for you to discuss your preferences and availability.

The final step is to attend a volunteer induction.  All volunteers must attend an induction before they can start working in a hospital.  You will be joined by other new volunteers and the session will last approximately 2 hours.  At the induction you will hear more abut the role and responsibilities of a volunteer including infection prevention and control and fire and security procedures.

First day
A member of the Voluntary Services team will inform you of your first day and will meet you on arrival and introduce you to your colleagues.