Central booking number: 01623672260

My-Sexual-Health provides a range of free and confidential services including free testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.

  • There are many different types of STIs and they can affect people differently. Some STIs have symptoms including discomfort and irritation or can make it painful going to the toilet or having sex. Other STIs may have long-term effects on your health, including your ability to have children (infertility), while some STIs have no symptoms at all.
  • Many individuals will access My-Sexual-Health because they have concerns that they might be at risk of an STI, not because they have symptoms.
  • If you are sexually active, a regular sexual health check-up is recommended – especially if you change partners.
  • Although we encourage individuals to have a full STI screen, there may be instances where you only require a limited screen:
    - this might be a self test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea
    - a HIV test.
    Either can be done through attandance at a My-Sexual-Health clinic
    but, alternatively, certain risk groups can access postal HIV testing kits free of charge by visting the website;
    and young persons can access free postal chlamydia/gonorrhoea tests by visiting

If you request a test, remember to return it !

Whether you access My-Sexual-Health via the central booking telephone line or as a walk-in at a sexual health service site, you will be triaged by one of our reception staff. This means that they will ask you a short list of questions to identify where you might be best seen. Individuals with no symptoms can usually be allocated an appointment at any site, whereas those with symptoms may need an appointment at a specific site.


Individuals that will require to be seen at The Hub (rather than in a community clinic) includes:

  • Females complaining of lower abdominal pain or pain when having sex for less than a month;
  • Females who are currently pregnant and who are experiencing abnormal discharge suggestive of a sexually transmitted infection;
  • Individuals specifically requiring post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) following sexual exposure to HIV;
  • Individuals who have experienced recent (within the last one month) sexual assault;
  • Males complaining of either testicular pain or abnormal lumps or aching in the testicles.

Please be aware that if you attend a community clinic with any of the above health issues, then you will be required to make an alternative appointment at The Hub:  01623672260