Central booking number: 01623672260



My-Sexual-Health provides the full range of reversible contraception methods, including emergency contraception, along with confidential information and advice on sexual health issues.


Condoms help to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so whatever other method of contraception you are using to prevent pregnancy, use condoms as well to protect you and your partner’s health.

Whether you access the service via the central booking line or as a walk-in at a sexual health service site, you will be triaged by one of our reception staff. This means that they will ask you a short list of questions to identify where you might be best seen. People who have no problems with their contraception and just require repeat supplies or injections can usually be seen at any site, whereas people who have problems with their contraception may need an appointment at a specific site.

You can access contraception information and support at all our My-Sexual-Health clinics across mid-Nottinghamshire.


Our contraception service includes:

  • Long-acting reversible [LARC] contraception (ie injection, implant and intrauterine contraception)
  • Contraceptive pills, patches and vaginal rings
  • Information about female and male sterilisation
  • Management of contraception problems
  • Emergency contraception: if you have sex without using contraception or think that your contraception might have failed
  • Free condoms and lube for men and women of all ages (condoms help protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections)
  • Free pregnancy testing for those concerned about an unplanned pregnancy.