Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds

For Sherwood Forest Hospitals colleagues only

Schwartz Rounds are for colleagues of Sherwood Forest Hospitals including SKANSKA and Medirest. Patients or members of the public are unable to attend these sessions.

What is a Schwartz Round?

We have 2-3 storytellers/panelists that tell a 5 minute story each of a particular time or event that affected. The stories would have a similar theme e.g. A colleague I will never forget, A patient I will never forget etc. Following the stories, facilitators encourage reflections from the group who attend. This is not about problem solving which might be different from similar things you have attended before. It is more an opportunity for people to share their experiences and for people to listen.

The best way to understand a Schwartz round is to watch this shortened version:

For our face to face sessions, social distancing may limit the number of people that can enter the room. Please note that it is unlikely but it is possible we would need to turn people away should the room become overcrowded.

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Next Schwartz Round Dates




Thursday 26th September 2024

11am-12 noon

A journey into leadership-learning to balance risks in a busy department

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Thursday 14th November 2024

 11am-12 noon

The frequently hospitalised patient

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Please note, themes may alter depending on speaker availbility.

For more details or any questions please e-mail