Proud2bOps is a national network of operational managers and leaders working within provider health and care organisations, including; community, acute, primary care, mental health, independent, voluntary and ambulance sectors.

With members from a variety of industries, this supportive network offers operational professionals the opportunity to come together and share best practice whilst developing themselves as leaders.

With more than 800 members from across the UK from a variety of provider organisations, this is a supportive network for operational professionals to connect as a peer community who are committed to learning and providing idea exchange, whilst fostering trust, respect and confidentiality.

Drawing from the best of public, private and third sector, the network boasts a wealth of talent from organisations such as the NHS, Local Government and community enterprises.

Why join Proud2bOps?

Our network has proven extremely beneficial to members through sharing best practice, providing advice and guidance to national operational initiatives, learning and development opportunities and importantly, having open, honest, safe and supportive conversations with fellow operational leaders.

Most importantly, it has allowed colleagues within the network to share, develop and grow together. Operations can be a lonely profession at times, and we believe that together we are challenging this status quo. 

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