Friends and Family Test

How did we do? Tell us what you think about your hospital care

We encourage our patients to share their feedback with us about their experience and the care they received at King’s Mill Hospital, Newark Hospital or Mansfield Community Hospital by completing the NHS Friends and Family Test; a survey supported by NHS England and Improvement.

After receiving care, you’ll be able to complete a paper form, which will be located by the entrance or reception area, or by asking a member of staff. You can also share your feedback by responding to the automated text you’ll receive – this will be from NHS Survey and will include a link to the survey.

The test gives patients the opportunity to provide feedback on their care and treatment and asks one question:

"Overall, how was your experience of our service?"

You can score your answer from "very good" to "very poor". You'll have the opportunity to explain your score by adding comments, and you may also be asked some follow-up questions. This is important because seeking and acting on patient feedback is key to continuously improving the quality of our healthcare services and ensuring we are a great place to receive care. If you did not complete a paper form, or did not receive an automated text, you can leave feedback on the services received in our Emergency Department, Maternity, wards (as an inpatient) and outpatient clinics via the link below:

Click here to leave your feedback.

If you would like any help or advice please contact our Patient Experience Team via:

King's Mill Hospital:  01623 672222
Newark Hospital:  01636 685692


To find out more about FFT and how it works, please see the below video from NHS England and Improvement.