King's Mill Hospital Outpatients

What happens when you arrive?

If you can, please arrive 10 minutes before the time of your appointment.  You may wish to use our electronic booking in system to avoid queuing at the reception desk. However, if any of your details are incorrect then they will need to be changed by the reception desk staff.

You'll either be seen by the consultant or one of their doctors. Each doctor will see patients in order of their appointment time, although there may be occasions where some patients need to be seen out of turn. These are usually patients who need hospital transport to get home, children or people in need of emergency treatment.

We try to see everyone as soon as possible, but clinic staff will advise you of any known delays. Please ask if you have any concerns.

Please let the nursing staff know if you wish to be accompanied by a friend or relative when seeing the doctor. If you are to undergo an intimate examination and you require a chaperone then please discuss this with the nursing staff.

Medical and nursing students sometimes receive valuable training in outpatient clinics. If you would prefer students not to be present then please let a member of staff know. Nobody will mind, and your treatment will not be affected.

What happens before you leave?

Please allow yourself a little extra time at the hospital as you may need to visit other departments for tests or advice, such as blood tests, x-rays or physiotherapy.

If your doctor decides that you require a day case procedure then you may be asked to attend for a pre-operative assessment as part of your clinic attendance.

The doctor will advise you if you need to make a further appointment at the reception desk. The clinic nurse may also give you further advice.


If the doctor gives you a green prescription, please take it to your local community pharmacy for dispensing. Pink and white prescriptions must be dispensed from the hospital pharmacy department.

Getting here

Click here for directions to King's Mill Hospital and car parking information.

Changing or cancelling your outpatient appointment

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or amend an appointment. Click here for more details. 

Clinic Contact Numbers

 Clinic Number   Specialty  Telephone Number 
 Clinic 1   Orthopaedics/Rheumatology  01623 622515 ext 6480
 Clinic 2  Orthotics  01623 622515 ext 3003
 Clinic 3  Pre Operative Assessment  01623 622515 ext 4213
   Blood Testing  01623 622515 ext 6048
 Clinic 4  Cardiorespiratory / Stress Testing   01623 622515 ext 3324
   ECG  01623 622515 ext 3326
 Clinic 5  Diabetes/Cardiology  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Neurology/Respiratory  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Care of the Elderly  01623 622515 ext 2418
 Clinic 6  Dermatology  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Vascular/Plastic Surgery  01623 622515 ext 6217
 Clinic 7  Urology/Gastroenterology  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Lung Clinic/Continence  01623 622515 ext 3332
   Gynaecology  01623 622515 ext 6480
 Clinic 8  Opthalmology  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Maxillofacial  01623 622515 ext 6480
   ENT  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Orthoptist  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Audiology  01623 622515 ext 3754
 Clinic 9  Pain Clinic  01623 622515 ext 6211
   Back Pain Unit  01623 622515 ext 3952
   Acupuncture Clinic  01623 622515 ext 6153
 Clinic 10  Physiotherapy  01623 622515 ext 6030
 Clinic 11  Paediatric  01623 622515 ext 6480
 Clinic 12  Gynaecology  01623 622515 ext 6480
   Colposcopy appointments  01623 622515 ext 2340
   Colposcopy results  01623 622515 ext 3520
   Antenatal Clinic  01623 622515 ext 3742
   Ultrasound Pregnancy  01623 622515 ext 3889
   Pregnancy Day Case  01623 622515 ext 3071
   Ambilatory Appointments  01623 622515 ext 3740
 Clinic 14  Breast Screening  01623 622515 ext 3513
 Clinic 15  Haematology and Oncology  01623 622515 ext 6217
 Children's Centre  Physiotherapy  01623 622515 ext 3374
   Occupational Therapy  01623 622515 ext 3371
   Speech Therapy  01623 622515 ext 3373
 Genitourinary Medicine  Appointments  01623 622515 ext 4090