Patients Know Best frequently asked questions

Is my Information secure?
Yes. You log in through the national NHS App, which has a high level of security and strong verification standards. Your medical record isn’t viewable by Patients Know Best and all personal and health information is encrypted.

What devices can I use to log in?
You can access your Patients Know Best record through the NHS App on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. Giving you all-in-one’ access to both hospital and GP information. Download the NHS App in your App Store or Google Play, or visit

Do I need internet access to use the service?
Yes. This is an online service and will require you, or a carer, to have regular internet access to receive your correspondence via the system and to use the additional features.

What information is available?
Once registered, outpatient appointment information and letters will be available to you and further information such as test results will start to be available within the app in the future. Please note, you may still receive some written correspondence in the post until all departments in the hospital are able to send their letters this way.

What happens if I don't want to use the online service?
This is an optional service and requires you to ‘opt-in’. It provides choice to patients who wish to interact with the hospital in a digital format; it will not affect the care that you receive from the Trust. If you do not wish to use the NHS App and Patients Know Best, you can ignore the invitation and you will continue to receive your hospital correspondence in the usual way.

Why is my account empty?
Once registered, your information will start to become available.

If I experience any technical problems, who can I contact?
Please email the PKB Support team at and a member of the team will be pleased to help.

You can also contact or call 0115 883 8873 if you are having difficulties registering.

Where can I find out more?
You can find out more about accessing your personal health and care record through the NHS App and Patients know best at

You can also learn more about PKB’s features at