Volunteer Rewards and Recognition

Long Service Awards 2022

Volunteers are  being recognised for their service to volunteering at the Trust.

Badges and certificates are given out to volunteers who have completed 5,10,15,20,25.30 and 35 years.

Congratulations to those volunteer who have received their awards from April 2022.


King's Mill Hospital

35 Years                  

Linda Swann

25 Years

Margaret Langrick
Trevor White

15 Years

Malcolm Coupe
Jessica Harrison

Walter Hunt
Margaret Osbourne

10 Years

Marlene Hinks
Alan Moor
Freda Jones
Susan Smith

5 Years

Ray Allen
Patricia Hull
Ann Lucas
Jeff Moxon
Ruth Smith
David Berry
Susan Carlill
Glenys Flint
Margaret Keightley
Rachael Peat
Margaret Pritchard

Newark Hospital


35 Years        

Mary Heeley

15 Years

Chris Light
Jean Whitaker

10 Years

Bibi Hughes

5 Years

Janice Coulson
Ann Curt
Val Hearn
Annie McAdams
Barbara Smith

National Volunteers Week 2022

Volunteers across the Trust were recognised and thanked for the contribution they give to our hospital.