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Learn about the benefits of health research

1 September 2016

Local people will have the chance to find out how clinical research benefits their health during a special event at King’s Mill Hospital on 15 September.

Clinical research into prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses means patients get access to new treatments and medicines and investment in research means better, more cost-effective patient care.

Research nurses will be on hand between 10am and 2pm in the hospital’s main entrance to explain what research projects involve and how taking part could lead to a better health, as well as showcasing some of the Trust’s successful trials.

They will also provide expert advice to people wishing to take part, and information on resources available to researchers to help them to conduct clinical trials within their specialist areas.

The Trust is currently one of the highest recruiting sites, out of 17 participating Trusts around the country, to the CANDID (Cancer Diagnosis Decision rules) Study. This is co-ordinated by the University of Southampton and aims to identify what symptoms and examinations are best for predicting lung and bowel cancer.

Dominic Nash, Research Team Leader at the Trust, said: “Over the past year we have successfully recruited more than 800 patients to research trials in many clinical areas.

“New treatments or interventions that help people to live longer, be free from disability or have less pain are only possible because of the willingness of people, whether healthy or diagnosed with a disease or condition, to participate in trials.

“Like any volunteer work, clinical trials can also be a way to give back to the community. Even if a trial does not provide a benefit for an individual, it may provide benefits for others with the disease in the future and I would urge everyone to come along to find out more.”

One patient, who took part in a recent study, said: “I would encourage other patients to join a research trial as my experience has been positive. When I have a research appointment, everything is completed in a timely manner and I am well informed of any aspects of my care.

“If I have a problem, I am able to contact the research team and they have been supportive and found methods of solving the problems. I encourage people to be research active, to support the future of our families and help improve the health of the nation.”