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Donations to Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity help to enhance services at Newark Hospital

April 20, 2017c arm

Patients at Newark Hospital will benefit from enhanced orthopaedic and podiatry services thanks to the generous charitable donations from the local community.

Donations to the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity amounting to £47,000 have allowed for the funding of a brand new mini c-arm, which will help to improve X-ray and surgery imaging services by providing live images to surgeons during operations.

The mini c-arm is typically used during hand, wrist, feet and ankle surgery and is an image intensifier (fluoroscopic X-ray machine) that allows movement horizontally, vertically and around the swivel axis so that X-rays of patients can be produced from almost any angle.

The machine also allows the surgeon to operate the equipment themselves during surgery so that image guided surgery can take place during orthopaedic and podiatry operations.

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Mr Julian Pavier said: “The mini c-arm will be invaluable to us in theatre.

“Surgeons will now be able to use the equipment themselves during an operation, rather than relying on a radiographer, meaning that we will be able to carry out more operations.

“Patients will benefit because they will no longer need to go for X-rays straight after their operations, as we will have been able to view the procedure live in theatre.”

Assistant Chief Operating Officer, Ant Rosevear added: “The generous donations to the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity mean we have been able to buy equipment that will make a huge difference to our orthopaedic and podiatry services. We will now be able to provide an enhanced service for orthopaedic and podiatry procedures, which will bring huge benefits for patients.”

Chair of the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity, non-executive director, Tim Reddish said: “It is fantastic that the public have been so generous and we have received so many donations. The mini c-arm will make such a difference to both patients and staff at Newark. Seeing such positive results from the generosity of people is so rewarding and I’m really proud that our community has supported us to fund such a significant piece of equipment.”

Approximately 150 orthopaedic and podiatry operations that would use a mini c-arm were carried out at Newark last year, it is hoped that this will now increase due to the introduction of the new equipment.   

Pictured left to right are: Diane Windsor-Beck (Assistant Nurse Practitioner), Mr Julian Pavier (Consultant Podiatric Surgeon), Richard Boot (Operating Department Practitioner) and Sharon Clee (Registrar) with the mini c-arm which they will be using.