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Sherwood Forest Hospitals recognised for helping frail and older patients get back on their feet quicker after hip operations

Patient Patricia Oswin with the team that treated her broken hip at Kings Mill HospitalMay 16, 2017

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been shortlisted for two prestigious Health Service Journal (HSJ) Value in Healthcare awards for improvements in its work treating patients who have broken their hips following falls, who are often elderly. 


The national awards recognise and reward outstanding efficiency and improvement by the NHS, while also recognising the excellent use of resources. The two award categories the Trust has been shortlisted for are the improving value in care of frail older patients and the emergency, urgent and trauma care categories. Winners will be announced later this month. (May 2017)


Late last year the Trust launched a five-point plan to help frail and older people protect themselves against falls, based on National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) best practice guidelines. Falls can lead to a dramatic decline in health, especially hip fractures, as these can have a devastating impact, leading to long-term disability and potential loss of independence.


The Trust aims to operate within 36 hours of admission and members of its orthopaedic multi-disciplinary team carry out bone health and fall assessments – looking at the reasons why patients fall in the first place and why the fall resulted in such a serious break. This would include management of chronic conditions, assessment of falls risk, and advice on regular exercise, diet and food supplements as well as recommended changes at home to ensure falls do not happen again.


Consultant surgeon Bala Srinivasan led the improvement for those vulnerable patients and thanked the hip fracture team and Sherwood Forest staff for their sustained improvements in care, particularly the treatment of patients who had been admitted as urgent cases following hip fractures as a result of falls.


“National research shows the impact can be devastating and long-term with many patients never regaining full independence. The longer someone stays in hospital, the more likely this is, so reducing length of stay is better for the patient,” said Mr Srinivasan.


Someone who comes into our emergency department with a fractured neck of femur (hip fracture) will be fast-tracked, directly admitted and operated on as soon as possible.  


“Being a finalist for the awards recognises our commitment to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of care we give so patients can enjoy a speedier recovery and regain their independence as quickly as possible.”


84-year-old Patricia Orwin, a retired midwife from Kirkby in Ashfield broke her hip after falling at home in her bungalow.


“It was Wednesday 3 May when I had my fall. I don’t know what happened – I got up to make my dinner and fell. I was taken to King’s Mill Hospital by ambulance where I had X-rays which confirmed I had broken my hip so I was admitted to ward 12. The next day I had my operation. The staff are good here, I’m really pleased with my care.


“I’m getting back onto my feet with the help of physiotherapy but I know it will be a long road.”


Patricia will be transferred to Mansfield Community Hospital to continue her rehabilitation.


Pictured:Patient Patrician Oswin with the team that treated her broken hip at King’s Mill Hospital. Pictured left to right: Ward 12 charge nurse Craig Keeling, consultant surgeon Bala Scrinivasan and orthogeriatric registrar Kerri Ramsay with patient Patricia Oswin.