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Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity funds new cardio facilities

Spiderflash deviceJune 20, 2017

Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity has provided funding to purchase equipment to help enhance cardiology services at King’s Mill Hospital.

The £30,295 of funding has allowed the Trust to purchase a vital signs monitor, two star system arm boards, a cardio care exercise unit and 20 Spiderflash devices.

Spiderflash devices help to diagnose problems with a patient’s heart rhythm by recording their heartbeats over a period of time, which helps clinical staff to spot unexpected changes that could require intervention.

Technical Cardiovascular Services Manager, David Henton said: “We are really grateful to the charity for helping to provide the equipment, which will help us to improve the service for our patients. The Spiderflash devices will make a real difference to our patients, as they will allow us to gather data about their conditions, which will hopefully speed up the diagnosis process.

“The vital signs monitor will allow us to measure continuous temperature and blood pressure parameters, giving us more accurate readings when carrying out tests on patients.

“The starboards are specifically designed to improve the patients comfort during arterial procedures whilst also reducing the set up time for such procedures.”

Head of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary, Shirley Higginbotham added: “Our charity is delighted to be able to support patients and families to donate funds which help such valuable causes. We are really grateful for the donations that we receive from patients, visitors and the community.”