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Patient now has services on her doorstep thanks to new treatments at Newark

July 13, 2017

Newark 1Patients based in Newark are now able to access treatments closer to home thanks to the expansion of day case services at Newark Hospital.

New services have been added to Newark Hospital’s day case unit (Minster Ward) as part of the Newark Hospital strategy to increase the scope of services and improve local use of the hospital.

New procedures introduced at the unit include referrals from the Urgent Care Centre, also on the Newark Hospital site, for patients who need to be monitored by nurses and reviewed by doctors for suspected deep vein thrombosis, accidental overdose, mechanical falls and anaemia, along with outpatient care for conditions such as cellulitis (a serious skin infection), ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and arthritis.

The changes have made a huge difference to one patient, who has been travelling 48 miles every week for the last six years to receive treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis.

Newark resident, Lynn Chapman, now only has to travel 10 minutes to her appointments to get the weekly medication injection that she needs to help reduce her symptoms.

Lynn has to have the disease-modifying anti-rheumatic (DMARD) drug called Methotrexate. Due to the nature of the drug, it can only be given by specially trained nurses. Two nurses have now been trained to give the medication at Newark Hospital, with plans to train the rest of the team, meaning that the service has been permanently added to the procedures that the day case unit offers.

Lynn said: “I used to get picked up in the morning by the hospital transport and often didn’t get home until late afternoon. It was a 45 minute journey to get there and sometimes I had to wait to get taken back, so it could take a whole morning just to receive a 5 minute injection. It makes a huge difference to be able to have the injection here at Newark, as it only takes me 10 minutes to get here and get back home again.

“I used to dread the long journey every week as I don’t like travelling, so getting the treatment at Newark really is brilliant.”

Ward Sister for Minster Ward, Denise Davies said: “If we make it easier for just one patient to receive treatment more locally to them, then it is worth us expanding the service. We have worked really hard to provide more services at Minster Ward, it can be quite a lengthy process getting all the right procedures and training in place, but we are dedicated to providing as many services as possible to benefit our patients.”

Assistant Chief Operating Officer for Newark Hospital, Ant Rosevear added: “This is just one example of how we are expanding our services and making things better and easier for the patients of Newark. Being able to come to your local hospital for treatments such as this obviously makes a huge difference. We are really pleased that we are able to offer this service, which has been made possible by expanding the clinical skills of our nurses through training and development.”

Between October 2016 and May 2017 the day case unit has seen around 800 medical day case patients, a number which is expected to increase even further over time as services expand.