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A ring of the bell chimes hope for cancer patients

Photo 2September 21, 2017

Chemotherapy patients at King’s Mill Hospital can now announce the end of their treatment in an extra special way thanks to the End of Treatment Rainbow Bell that has been installed at the hospital’s Welcome Treatment Centre.

The bell is not just any bell and is a symbol of hope and strength that can only be rung by chemotherapy patients once they have finished their treatment.

Patients are encouraged to ring the bell three times whilst reciting the poem; “Ring this bell, three times well, its toll to clearly say, my treatments done, this course is run, and I’m on my way.”

Patient, Paula Woodland from Sutton in Ashfield, who has been receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, was the first patient to proudly ring the bell, she said: “I feel very privileged to be the first person to ring the bell. I’m feeling really elated and relieved that my chemotherapy treatment is over and it’s a great way to celebrate and announce this milestone.”

Patient Coordinator, Karen Bingham, who organised installing the bell, said: “I think the bell will make a real difference to patients, it’s a really significant moment when people finish their treatment, so it’s great to be able to mark it in such a positive way. All of the patients and staff cheered when Paula rang the bell and it was a very proud moment for her and the team that has cared for her. It also helps to boost morale for other patients and brings positivity to the treatment centre.”

Photo: Paula with her care team l-r;Chemotherapy Nurse, Tracy Smith, Patient Paula Woodland, Chemotherapy Nurse, Rosina Black, Patient Coordinator, Karen Bingham, Registered Nurse, Janette Fish.