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Board of Directors meeting papers 2012/13

30 April 2012


Minutes of January 2012 meeting

Chief Executive's Report

Finance Report

Quarterly Quality Report from Quarter 4

Emergency Care Report

Draft Quality Report 2011-12

Staff Survey


30 August 2012

Agenda Public board Meeting (30 August 2012)

Enc A Unconfirmed Minutes (30 April 2012)

Enc C1 Chief Executive's Report

Enc C2 Tax letter

Enc C3 DN letter

Enc C4 Productive Notts public report

Enc D1 Quarterly Quality Report cover

Enc D2 Quarterly Quality Report doc

Enc E1 IPC Annual Report 2011/12 cover

Enc E2 IPC Annual Report 2011/12 doc

Enc F1 Safeguarding Children cover

Enc F2 Safeguarding Children doc

Enc G1 Safeguarding Adults cover

Enc G2 Safeguarding Adults doc

Enc H1 Inpatient Survey cover

Enc H2 Inparient Survey doc

Enc I1 Improving Patient Experience AR cover

Enc I2 Improving Patient Experience AR doc

Enc J1 CLIP cover

Enc J2 CLIP doc

Enc K1 Finance Summary cover

Enc K2 Finance Summary doc

Enc L AHV consultation

Enc M1 Decontamination policy cover

Enc M2 Decontamination policy doc



29 October 2012

Agenda Public Board Meeting (29 October 2012)

Enc A Board Minutes unconfirmed (30 August 2012)

Enc B Board Action Tracker

Enc C Chief Executive's Report

Enc D Q2 Quality Report

Enc E Quality & Patient Safety Report (Sept 2012)

Enc F National Inpatients Survey 2011 Report

Enc G Integrated Performance Report

Enc H Winter Bed Plan

Enc I Emergency Care Workforce Strategy

Enc J Monitor Q2 Submission

Enc K Information Item


24 January 2013