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Assessments reveal how patients rate Sherwood Forest Hospitals


Patients have given King’s Mill, Newark and Mansfield Hospitals a cleanliness rating of 99.68%.

The figures, published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, show that Sherwood Forest Hospitals’ trust-wide score for cleanliness at the time of assessment was more than 1.5 percentage points above the national average of 98.06%. 

They also rated the trust above average for its food, the condition of its buildings and how the environment allows patients to be treated with dignity.

The trust’s sites – King’s Mill, Newark and Mansfield Community hospitals – are among NHS organisations given scores in the latest Patient-ledAssessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).

Assessments were carried out by patient groups, including Healthwatch, members of the trust and members of the board of governors.

They focused on:

  • Cleanliness
  • Food
  • Privacy, dignity and wellbeing
  • Condition, appearance and maintenance
  • Dementia
  • Disability.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals director of strategic planning, Peter Wozencroft, said: “This assessment provides an invaluable insight into how people rate their experience at our hospitals. We have worked very hard to improve patient services and, while this journey of improvement continues, our staff should be proud of this year’s scores which reflect the significant efforts they have made. 

“We are making many improvements to our dementia services, for example, those already implemented on Woodland Ward where we have invested in special flooring and lighting, colour-coded rooms, seating at regular intervals and dedicated activity and dining areas. 

“We still have more work to do, but I am confident that over the next year we will continue to improve patient experience in this area also.”

Nationally, the average score for dementia was 75.28%. At King’s Mill the score was 74.44%; at Newark Hospital it was 55.22%; and at Mansfield Community Hospital it was 67.39%.

Our hospitals scored above the national average in all categories, with the exception of dementia. 

We remain focused on improving our services to cater for patients with dementia, and our well-established plans have already resulted in Woodland Ward, which cares for older, frail patients, many of whom have dementia, being among areas recognised as outstanding during initial, informal feedback following the recent Care Quality Commission re-inspection.

A dedicated dementia nurse has also been appointed to drive further improvements in care for patients with dementia.

Read more about PLACE assessments on the HSCIC website.

The PLACE assessments were introduced in April 2013 and replaced the PatientEnvironment Action Team (PEAT) inspections. The assessments apply to hospitals, hospices and day treatment centres providing NHS-funded care.

They focus on the environment, rather than clinical care.

Scores for food are based on:

  • The organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Choice and availability of food and drink throughout the day
  • Observations of the ward food service, including assessing the food on offer in terms of quality, presentation, taste and temperature.
  Cleanliness Food Privacy, dignity and wellbeing Condition, appearance and maintenance

Dementia friendly

Food Organisation food Ward food
National average 98.06 88.24 87.01 88.96 84.16 93.37 75.28 78.84
Trust-wide 99.68 91.51 87.34 92.53 86.08 95.75 72.69 79.16
King’s Mill Hospital 99.73 92.05 87.29 93.09 87.34 96.46 74.44 81.07
Newark Hospital 99.85 88.43 88.16 88.76 81.68 90.81 55.22 62.67
Mansfield Community Hospital  99.1 88.56 87.29 89.84 77.71 92.37 67.39 71.93