Pregnant women and support partners offered lateral flow test before scan appointments to help keep everyone safe

Posted Thursday, April 1, 2021 12:58 PM

In order to support pregnant women using maternity services during the pandemic at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, the Trust is offering all women and their support partner the option to have a Covid-19 test before their 12 and 20 weeks scan appointments at King’s Mill Hospital, from Tuesday 6 April 2021.

The tests being offered are rapid ‘lateral flow’ tests. In order to allow time for the tests to be carried out, women and their support partner are being asked to come to hospital 50 minutes before their scan appointment. The test is a simple nasal swab, it isn’t painful and it doesn’t take long.

Women and their support partner will be given additional information before their appointment and the information is also available on our website here –

If women test positive maternity staff will arrange for them to have a further test to confirm that they are positive. This test involves another swab, this time from the nose and throat. This will be performed before they leave the hospital and they will be informed of the results as soon as they are available (usually 24-48 hrs).

If a support person tests positive they will not be able to accompany women to their scan and will be asked to leave the department and wait in the car/outside. The Trust does not provide a further test for support partners. They will be given information and guidance about self-isolation in line with the current government guidance. If you live with or have travelled in with your support person you will also need to self-isolate and will be treated as at risk. You will be treated therefore as if your test was positive.

Divisional General Manager for Womens and Childrens, Lisa Gowan said: “We hope that this will reassure women and help to keep the hospital safe for other women, their families and our colleagues. The tests are not mandatory and people will still be allowed to attend their appointment if they do not wish to have a Covid-19 test prior to attending. If the women attending for their appointment or their support partner tests positive they will be given all the support and guidance that they need.”