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Welcome to Sherwood Forest Hospitals Paediatric Audiology

The UKAS accredited paediatric audiology service offers a range of diagnostic hearing assessments from birth to 18 years. Our experienced specialist Paediatric Audiologists fit the latest hearing aid technology using state of the art equipment in our purpose-built paediatric clinic rooms. We also offer support for children with sound sensitivity, Tinnitus and auditory processing Disorders.

We accept referrals from a wide range of health professionals and ensure every child referred is seen within six weeks. Once aged 18, children within our care are transitioned to our Adult Audiology Service.

We work closely with the Ear, nose and throat (ENT) department, providing diagnostics tests to contribute towards the diagnosis and treatment of ENT problems in children. Should there be a need for an onwards referral for a medical opinion after being seen in the audiology clinic, a referral will be sent to a consultant to arrange an appointment in ENT. An ENT consultant may also refer a child to the paediatric audiology service for specialist assessment, a hearing aid fitting or specialist support.

Our service covers Kings Mill Hospital, Newark General Hospital and Mansfield Community Hospital.

Children may be referred to our service for the following reasons:

  • A follow-up appointment may have been made following the Newborn Hearing Screen
  • It is routine for all children with delayed speech and language to their hearing checked. This referral could be made as part of the Health Visitor’s two-year check.
  • Request from another professional, such as an Ear Nose and Throat consultant / Paediatrician / GP / School nurse.
  • Parental concern, due to;
    - The child appears to be mishearing
    - TV volume being increased
    - Struggling to communicate with peers
    - Speaking loudly
    - Changing behaviour and becoming increasingly more frustrated
    - A strong negative reaction to louder sounds

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