Back Pain Unit: Introducing Exercise

If you would like to start doing some gentle exercise then here are a few basic tips to follow:

  • Start very gently with something that you enjoy that you can manage without increasing your pain. It doesn’t matter how small the amount you start with, it’s the fact that you do start.
    For example, a small distance to walk or some gentle stretches or movements
  • If your pain increases after your chosen activity you may have done too much. Do not be put off, try again once things have settled back down. Just start again but with a much lower amount, an amount that you could do every day
  • Stay consistent with it - do your chosen activity every day and stick to the amount set. Do not be tempted to do more for at least a week or until you feel your body has got used to it
  • If you do feel it is time to increase, only increase by a small manageable amount
  • Think of it as slowly building a good foundation of muscle strength and flexibility to support you daily activities.

This is not as easy as it seems and it can take a few attempts to find a level that is manageable. It is very easy to start too high or increase too quickly especially if you are feeling benefit.