Hospital Post Mortem Examination

In some circumstances, the Doctor who has signed the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death may ask for permission to carry out a post-mortem, or you may wish to request that a post-mortem be performed. All consented post-mortems are performed at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. The information might help understand why your loved one died and it may help in the treatment of other patients in the future.

Unlike a Coroner's post-mortem, you have a right to refuse a post-mortem requested by the doctors. It is entirely your decision as to whether or not you give permission for this – it is NOT compulsory. You also have the option in choosing a limited post-mortem, rather than a full examination. A post-mortem of this kind can only take place after a discussion has taken place between you and the Consultant or senior doctor who looked after your loved one. They will then ask you to sign a consent form.

As part of the process, the death must be registered and it might be possible to update the certificate after the results are known.