Referrals to the ADLT

The DALT provide a range of services to meet the needs of substance misusers who are inpatients within the general hospital.  We offer confidential support and provide specialist non-judgmental assessment whilst a person is in hospital, as well as facilitating the link to our community based services when it is appropriate to do so.

Whilst someone is in hospital, we will typically be asked to see them by nurses and doctors.

The referral process within the hospital is simple and we accept referrals via the telephone or details can be left on our confidential answer machine.

Our working week is Monday to Friday 9.00 am till 4.30 pm, we can be contacted on 01623 622515, extension number 3935.

In addition to the services provided whilst someone is in hospital we also support Gastroenterology Services:

The Alcohol Liver Disease Clinic is a jointly run outpatient clinic at Kings Mill and Newark hospital in conjunction with consultant gastroenterologists.  This currently has few comparable examples nationally and currently runs on a once a month basis.  The role of the clinic is to offer specialist medical and nursing support to individuals in regard to liver problems caused or made worse by their alcohol use.  Referral into the clinic is currently via the DALT, community alcohol services, hospital-based doctors and GPs.

Please note, we no longer run an Alcohol Liaison outpatient clinic at Kings Mill Hospital. For substance misuse support, please contact the community service for Nottinghamshire CGL New

Directions (01158 960798) or for Derbyshire, Derbyshire Recovery Partnership (0845 308 4010).