Sherwood Birthing Unit

Sherwood Birthing Unit

Please note that at the moment we are asking that only one birthing partner be allowed on the Birthing Unit. Thank you for your understanding.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have produced these FAQs to help with any queries you may have.

As you enter the Sherwood Birthing unit you will be greeted by a receptionist who will direct you to the appropriate room. 

You may be asked to attend the triage assessment area within the birthing unit if you have telephoned for advice or following referral by your community midwife or GP. Here you will be assessed by a midwife who will then decide whether you need further investigations, transfer to a birthing room, admission to the maternity ward or transfer back home. We ask that only 1 person accompanies you to the triage assessment area due to the limited availability of space and to ensure your privacy.

There are 10 birthing rooms which each have their own bathroom or wet room. These spacious rooms have adjustable lighting, beds that can be adapted for labour and sufficient room for birthing balls, beanbags and mats to enable mobility and comfort throughout your labour. There may also be the option of using aromatherapy to create a relaxing environment.

There are also 2 rooms within the birthing unit to enable intensive monitoring of women with antenatal or postnatal complications or to facilitate safe recovery following delivery by caesarean section.

A maximum of 2 birthing partners may accompany you in labour. There are no other visitors allowed on the Sherwood Birthing Unit.

Water births can be facilitated within the birthing unit. The birthing pool can be used for labour and birth where appropriate, further information surrounding water birth can be obtained from your midwife.

view of the birthing pool        

There are 2 operating theatres within the birthing unit in which both planned and emergency procedures are performed. The theatres are operated 24 hours a day.

View of the operating theatres

The telephone number for the birthing unit is: 01623 672244

The emergency midwife number is: 01623 655722

All telephone calls or enquiries to the birthing unit will be transferred to a midwife to ensure appropriate advice is given over a 24 hour period.