Visiting update

From 1 January 2022, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend adult in-patient visiting in order to help protect our vulnerable patients. Please visit here for more information. 

Patient appointments

As we continue to see a rise in our urgent care admissions, a surge in admissions of Covid positive patients, and workforce shortages created by Covid isolation, some appointments for planned care may need to be delayed.

We will continue to prioritise urgent and emergency care and cancer treatments and we will do everything we can to avoid delaying care. If we need to take the difficult decision to delay appointments, we will contact affected patients directly to let them know. 

If you do not hear from us, please attend as requested in your appointment letter.


DAISY Awards 2020

Have you experienced exceptional care from our nursing teams that you would like to recognise? If so why not nominate them for a DAISY Award? 

In order to recognise the amazing work that goes on across #TeamSFH Sherwood Forest Hospitals has launched the DAISY Awards 2020. 

The DAISY Awards have been created nationally as part of the DAISY Foundation, which was founded 19 years ago by the family of J. Patrick Barnes.  Patrick died at the age of 33 from complications of ITP.  His family was completely awestruck by the care and compassion that they and Patrick were shown during his 8 week illness that they wanted to say THANK YOU to nurses.  In order to do this Patrick’s wife, Tena, developed the DAISY acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, which is now a national award scheme that helps to recognise the dedication of nurses. 

The DAISY Awards are now celebrated in over 4,300 healthcare facilities and schools of nursing in 28 countries around the world and recognise examples of extraordinary nursing.  No matter where a nurse works in the organisation they are eligible for The DAISY Award. More than 136,000 nurses have been honored and over 1.6 million nominations have been written.

Nominations can be made by patients, families and co-workers, who we are encouraging to nominate throughout the year if they have witnessed care that has gone above and beyond. You can nominate a nurse you would like to thank by downloading the form here and sending it to applications will then be judged by the DAISY judging panel and people who get an award will be presented with a certificate and a pin badge to recognise their dedication.