Visiting update

From 1 January 2022, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend adult in-patient visiting in order to help protect our vulnerable patients. Please visit here for more information. 

Patient appointments

As we continue to see a rise in our urgent care admissions, a surge in admissions of Covid positive patients, and workforce shortages created by Covid isolation, some appointments for planned care may need to be delayed.

We will continue to prioritise urgent and emergency care and cancer treatments and we will do everything we can to avoid delaying care. If we need to take the difficult decision to delay appointments, we will contact affected patients directly to let them know. 

If you do not hear from us, please attend as requested in your appointment letter.


Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I want to volunteer what do I do next?

A Contact your chosen hospital via telephone or email and a member of the team will be delighted to assist you further with your application.

Q Can I be reimbursed to cover my expenses while volunteering?

A You can be reimbursed for your bus fares and travel expenses up to a 10 mile radius.  You will be given a free car parking pass for your site. 


Q Is there an age range for volunteering?

A You must be at least 18 years of age to work in any of our patient areas and 16 years of age for areas such as the cafe and wayfinding.  There is no upper age limit.

Q How much time do I need to give for volunteering?

A You will need to volunteer for a minimum of two hours per week.  We expect applicants to commit to at least three months.

Q Will I have to attend an interview?

A  You will be invited to attend an interview with a member of the voluntary services team.  The interview will involve discussions on why you want to volunteer and the skills you have.  This process helps us to find you a suitable placement within our hospitals.  This is also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or requirements.


Q Can I choose where I want to volunteer?

A We offer a wide variety of placements across the trust. During your informal chat you will be asked where you would like to volunteer and what you are hoping to gain from your placement. This will help us to find the most suitable placement for you. If there is a particular area you have in mind we will do our best to accommodate you request.

Q What if I don’t like the volunteer placement?

You can contact the Voluntary Services team if you have any requests or questions. We value and appreciate the time you are willing to volunteer, so we will always try to help resolve any issues you may have.

Q If I am out of work and receiving benefits can I still volunteer?

A You can volunteer and it will not affect any benefits you are receiving.


Q Can I leave it I don’t like it?

A Yes you can leave at any stage if we are unable to resolve any problems or if your personal circumstances change.


Q Will I need references? 

A To volunteer you will need two references and a Disclosure & Barring check which will be carried out by the Voluntary Services department.