Volunteer Profiles

“Being a volunteer on the maternity ward has greatly helped me with my training to become a midwife. It allowed me insights into the work behind the scenes that the patients don’t see. I got a little understanding of the paperwork used, got to know some of the staff and became familiar with the ward.  My placement was nowhere near as daunting and frightening as it could have been, it gave me the confidence to be myself and even impress some staff with my knowledge. Thanks again for all your help”

Kerry, Student Midwife    

“I learnt many skills whilst volunteering in the Daffodil Café.  My voluntary work has really helped me see hospital life and supported my application to University.  I am now in my final year of nursing and am delighted to have secured a Band 5 job at King’s Mill”

Emily, Staff Nurse

“Volunteering at Newark Hospital has really boosted my confidence and interpersonal skills.  Talking to and reassuring patients whilst escorting them to the MRI scanner has given me some great insight into the patient’s perspective.  This will assist me greatly in my future career”

Daniel, Medical Student