Building works a Mansfield Community Hospital

On February 2024, work started on the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) at Mansfield Community Hospital.

A derelict building will make way for the new, purpose-built facility. Demolition and building works are due to continue throughout 2024 before the full facility opens in 2025.

While the work will create some noise and disruption, we are committed to keeping this to a minimum for people who live and work near to Mansfield Community Hospital

During demolition works access to Alexander House may be restricted for various short periods of the demolition and during electrical diversion works. Any limitation or site works likely to affects surrounding areas will be communicated to staff and affected areas.

Demolition works waste management initiatives

Our waste management strategy aims to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability throughout the project lifecycle. By targeting a 90% recycling rate for onsite waste, we are committed to reducing landfill contributions and conserving valuable resources. So far, approximately 60% of loose items within the building have been reclaimed, including furniture, racking, and medical equipment.

Existing furniture within the welfare area is being utilized during site works, reducing the need for new resources. Furthermore, the brick and block fabric from the building will be crushed and repurposed to form levels for the rebuild works, saving 1,500 tonnes of imported material.

CDC Construction Site

Green initiatives of the purpose-built facility

The project features several green initiatives designed to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Improved insulation and stricter air permeability targets will minimise energy losses, leading to a more comfortable and energy-efficient building.

The use of advanced Air Source Heat Pumps will significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional heating systems. Efficient ventilation systems, coupled with CO2 monitors and motion sensors, will ensure optimal air quality with minimal energy use.

Low-energy LED lighting will be installed throughout, further reducing energy consumption. Overall, these measures will achieve over a 20% reduction in carbon emissions. Additionally, the installation of Solar PV panels will provide substantial energy savings, making the project both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Birds eye view of derelict building

Derelict building gallery

Victoria Hospital derelict building
Victoria Hospital derelict building 2
Victoria Hospital derelict building (inside 2)
Victoria Hospital derelict building (inside)
Victoria Hospital derelict building (inside 3)
Victoria Hospital derelict building (Inside 4)