Our Strategy - Online Version

Welcome to the Sherwood Forest Hospitals online version of the strategy.

We have set out to deliver 'outstanding care, provided by compassionate people, enabling healthier communities.' Together, this will improve lives of our local population. 

Please see a breakdown of our strategy below. 


Welcome to our strategy, find out more about our vision for 2024 - 2029.

Patient Story

Preventing ill health is becoming more and more important across our NHS.

What is driving us to do better

Find out more about our hospital sites and CQC ratings.

Comments and feedback

We asked you, what we can do better or more consistently.

Integrated Care System and integration by default

The healthcare system that we operate in.

Our Commitments

We want to improve lives by delivering consistently outstanding care to our patients.

CARE Values and Behaviours

The CARE values are well embedded across the Trust.

Strategic Objectives

We have six strategic objectives to enable us to deliver this strategy, find out more.