Acute Medicine

Acute Medicine at Kings Mill Hospital covers three main areas: the Emergency Assessment Unit, Short Stay Unit and Ambulatory Emergency Care.

The Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) provides treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including lung conditions such as asthma and pneumonia, heart conditions such angina, infections such as sepsis, acute kidney problems and dehydration, as well as the complex frailty conditions affecting older people, for example falls. Over 17,000 patients were treated in the EAU last year.

The Acute Medicine Service is also responsible for the Ambulatory Care Unit where over 4,000 patients were seen. These patients would previously have been admitted and had to spend time in hospital. A further 4,500 patients had out patient appointments in the unit.

The Short Stay Unit (SSU) is where patients are admitted who require up to 72 hours care. This unit managed over 4,000 inpatients last year and regularly admits and discharges 10 patients a day.