Balance testing and rehabilitation

We provide a range of diagnostic balance tests and rehabilitation for patients referred to us by the ear, nose and throat department.

A vestibular assessment takes approximately one hour. During the appointment, the Audiologist will take a history of your balance/dizziness problems and perform a range of tests.

Balance tests are designed to help find the cause of dizziness.

When you are dizzy your eyes move in a certain way, and this involuntary eye movement is called nystagmus.  To record these eye movements, goggles housing small cameras may be placed over your eyes, or alternatively small sensors will be placed either side of your eyes.

For some tests, you will be seated, observing light targets whose movements are controlled to evoke normal or abnormal eye movements.

For other tests such as the caloric test, you will be lying down whilst each ear is gently irrigated with warm and cool air.  This allows comparisons to be made between the response from the left balance system with that of the right. 

Any dizziness caused will only last for a few minutes; however, you may bring someone with you so that you do not have to drive afterwards.

If you are taking any medication for your dizziness, please refrain from doing so for 48 hours prior to the test.

Alcohol consumption should also be avoided for this period.

Following the tests, the Audiologist will write a detailed report of the results. These results will then be discussed with you at your follow up appointment with the ENT doctor.

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