Welcome to the webpage for the trauma and elective orthopaedic services at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Our comprehensive orthopaedic services offer treatments and services for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions across outpatient and inpatients areas.

This includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, fracture clinic, surgery (day case, elective and trauma) and Orthotics.  

Here you can find lots of useful information about the service, including what we do and other useful resources on the following pages.

At a glance, the orthopaedic service covers a range of different areas including:


What this area does

Inpatient Trauma

Inpatient Treatment of orthopaedic conditions as a result of sudden onset, such as an accident, sports injury or fall. 

Inpatient Elective

Inpatient management of planned surgery for orthopaedic conditions which includes joint replacement surgery.

Fracture Clinic

Outpatient orthopaedic led clinic for assessment and follow up of conditions. This also includes plaster room and involvement of a range of healthcare professionals, including orthotists and therapists.   

Day case surgery

Planned elective surgery where patients do not require an overnight stay. 

Brace clinic

A Physiotherapy led clinic where patients can come in at short notice when experiencing problems with common braces including hinge knee braces and humeral braces.  

Paediatrics elective and fracture clinic 

Planned surgery for a range of orthopaedic paediatric conditions and an outpatient paediatric clinic for assessment and follow ups.