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Rheumatology as a speciality covers a wide range of conditions. In general, Rheumatologists are specialists in the treatment of rheumatism, a general term used to describe painful conditions of the joints, muscles and tissues around the joints and bones.

The most common condition that we treat is arthritis that includes osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. We also treat the rarer connective tissue diseases such as lupus, systemic sclerosis and vasculitis. We also see people with soft tissue rheumatic diseases and fibromyalgia, although a lot of these conditions are now managed in GP practices.

The links below provide further information on some of the conditions that we treat (links open in a new page):




Rheumatoid arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Ankylosing spondylitis

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Giant cell arteritis

Systemic lupus erythematosus


Soft Tissue Diseases (for example shoulder pain)

Joint hypermobility syndrome 


In addition to our general Rheumatology service, we provide specialist clinics in:

• Paediatric rheumatology
• Skin diseases in rheumatology

We also provide day case treatments, including:

• Joint aspirations and injections
• Soft tissue injections
• Biologic therapy (on the Welcome Treatment Centre)
• Immunosuppressive/cytotoxic therapy (on the Welcome Treatment Centre)
• Fibromyalgia Programme (Kings Mill and Newark Hospitals)

The Rheumatology Service is predominantly outpatient based but we do provide specialist advice to inpatients as well as GP's. However, we do not provide an out of hour service.

The Department

The Rheumatology Department is located on Level 1 (off Clinic 6) in the Kings Treatment Centre (KTC). Rheumatology clinics are held in Clinic 1, KTC as well as in the Outpatient Department, Newark Hospital.
The Rheumatology Team is made up of doctors, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dedicated secretarial and administrative staff.

The Team


• Dr. Anindya Gupta
• Dr. Ken Lim
• Professor David Walsh
• Dr. Clare Wilkinson
• Dr. Haithem Mohammed (long-term locum)

Nurse specialists:

• Mrs. Debbie Bottomley
• Mrs. Teresa Gripton
• Mrs. Glenda Jackson
• Mrs. Anne Mee
• Mrs. Sharon Turner
• Miss Claire Mee (Rheumatology Support Officer)

Rheumatology therapists:

• Mrs. Helen Burrows (Physiotherapist)
• Ms. Abigail Gibson (Physiotherapist)
• Mrs. Charlotte Brooks (Occupational Therapist)
• Ms. Rachael Murphy (Occupational Therapist)
• Mr. Phil Avery (Occupational Therapist)
• Mr. Richie Bentley (Rheumatology Therapy Assistant)

Rheumatology patient pathway coordinator:

• Ms. Sarah Cheyne

Contact Details:

• Appointments Office 01623 622515 Extension 4500
• Rheumatology Advice Line 01623 676002