Around the world in 80 Sherwood wishes

Posted Monday, January 25, 2021 9:49 AM

Around the world in 80 Sherwood wishes

UPDATE: Since the initial photographs were placed on Ward 44 and the Trust's Welcome Treatment Centre, another 80 photographs have been sent in support of #TeamSFH and Sherwood Forest Hospitals. The extra 80 images, which make another five frames, will be displayed at King's Mill Hospital, Newark Hospital and Mansfield Community Hospital. 

Thank you Tori for the wonderful surprise. These images will provide a boost towards colleagues' wellbeing. 

Over 80 strangers from around the globe sent thank yous and good wishes to Sherwood Forest Hospitals, in response to an appeal from a health care assistant  aiming to boost her team’s spirits. 

Tori Proost, Health Care Assistant at King’s Mill Hospital, sought to find a safe, unique and meaningful way to boost her colleagues’ morale when they were at work looking after patients.

Tori received over 80 photographs from people around the globe, with hand-written messages celebrating ‘#TeamSFH, #Team44 and #TeamWTC’ - with the furthest thank you coming from Sydney, Australia! Some of the touching images were taken in front of famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Central Park in New York and the Colorado Springs. 

Tori joined a Facebook group, where people around the globe offered to write personal messages, thank yous and words of encouragement to recognise and thank those working for and supporting the COVID-19 response.

Tori put a request into the Facebook group, asking well-wishers to share their words of encouragement for the NHS, Sherwood, and also Ward 44 and the Welcome Treatment Centre at Sherwood, where she works. 

Tori said: “When I saw the Facebook group originally, I knew I had to do something for my colleagues at Sherwood, Ward 44 and the Welcome Treatment Centre. This looked like such a fun way to ‘spread the word’ about the fantastic work all NHS colleagues, including colleagues at Sherwood, have been doing over the last 11 months supporting the nation’s COVID-19 response. 

“I’m so happy my colleagues have found these thank yous inspiring and heart-warming - that’s exactly why I did it. I am so proud of Sherwood and my colleagues - and so are over 80 people and families around the world!” 

Stephanie Mgadamika, Ward Leader on Ward 44 and Tracy Smith, Department Leader on the Welcome Treatment Centre, are extremely grateful to have received personal thank you messages from strangers. 

Stephanie said: “Following a really difficult 11 months, and heading into another busy period, these photographs provide colleagues with a much-needed boost. These photos remind us all why we work for the NHS, and how our support to the COVID-19 response has been valued and recognised, even as far as Australia and Sri Lanka!”

Tracy is proud to know that Sherwood’s efforts have reached the four corners of the globe. She said: “The pictures of thank yous and encouragement, which are displayed in the Welcome Treatment Centre, has been a wonderful boost for us all.

“Thank you Tori for acknowledging the unprecedented time we’ve all faced, and finding a powerful and special way to thank colleagues. We will enjoy looking at these photographs for many months to come.”

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