Radiology (X-Ray)

Radiology (X-Ray)

The radiology service provides a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service that includes the use of X-Ray and various types of imaging modalities such as ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan and CT (computerised tomography) scan.

X-Ray, Ultrasound, and CT are available at both King’s Mill and Newark hospitals, and MRI is available at King’s Mill Hospital.

King’s Mill Hospital has two X-ray departments, one situated next to the Emergency Department, and the other within the King’s Treatment Centre dedicated to outpatients. The outpatient X-Ray department uses state of the art digital equipment that gives faster results and reduces waiting times for patients.

The department has a small private waiting area for those patients needing to wear a hospital gown, ensuring a more dignified experience.

Contact details:

King's Mill  01623 622515

Newark 01636 681681

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