FTN Governor Showcase 2021

Governor Showcase at NHS Providers Virtual Governor Workshop

 Historically Trust membership has been widely underrepresented in the 16-22 year old age group.  As we would like to engage equally with younger members of our local community our Governors have been working with West Nottinghamshire College on ways to enable young people to get involved with the Trust.  In early February 2020, prior to the Covid pandemic, our governors hosted student representatives from the College as a first step in forging a partnership.  The students visited areas that were ‘behind the front line’ and proved to be a success.  A link was therefore established with the student representatives to work together with the governors and membership officer to encourage more young people to become involved with Trust and to learn about how the NHS operates and to inform them of job opportunities.

The Trust was invited to showcase the collaboration with the College at a national virtual conference on 1 February 2021.  Our Lead Governor, Sue Holmes, presented the project alongside an animation which detailed the visit and future plans for engagement with young members of our local communities.  Click here to view the animation and learn more about the project.