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My Sexual Health

Contraception Services


We have resumed our usual contraceptive service, but please be aware that at times we may have limited clinic capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

We appreciate that nobody wants an unplanned pregnancy, so here is some important information:

If you require emergency contraception (‘morning after pill’), speak to your local pharmacist or your GP.  If you cannot get emergency contraception there, contact us for an appointment. Let the receptionist know that it is for emergency contraception. 

If you normally get your regular contraception from your GP, then continue to do so as your GP is contracted to provide this service.

The service is now offering new appointments for all methods of reversible contraception. Please telephone our booking line (01623 672260) for an appointment to arrange a consultation. This will be either by telephone or face to face.

Already on a method of contraception? Please see below….

If you are running out of your pill, patch or ring and you don’t usually see your GP or you can’t get in to your GP, you can contact us on 01623 672260 to arrange a telephone consultation. At that time we will explain how you will get your medicines.

Info on missed COCP:

Info on missed POP:

If you are on an injectable contraception, remember it is effective for 14 weeks from your last injection.  Contact us on 01623 672260 to arrange a telephone consultation for your next injection.  If you have used SayanaPress recently you may then be able to pick up a limited supply, or you may discuss an alternative contraceptive option.

An implant is licensed for use for THREE years, though still has a very low risk of pregnancy for up to four years. When your implant is coming to the end of the THREE-year period, please contact the service for an appointment to have this replaced.

If you use a copper coil (IUD) and were advised that this works for FIVE years or TEN years then keep it for the period of time advised. Then please contact us for an appointment to have this changed. If you were age 40 or over when you had your copper coil fitted you do not need to do anything, it will last until after menopause.

If you have a hormonal coil fitted (IUS), then it depends on the type.

  • The Mirena coil is licensed for contraception for EIGHT years.
  • The Levosert/Benilexa coils are licensed for contraception for SIX years.
  • The Kyleena coil is licenced for contraception for FIVE years
  • The Jaydess is licensed for contraception for THREE years.

If you were age 45 or over when you had your Mirena, Levosert of Benilexa fitted they can remain until age 55.  However, if you are using them as part of HRT, then your GP needs to change your HRT to a form that is called "combined HRT".

Please contact us towards the end of the license period to arrange a telephone consultation to discuss the procedure and arrange an appointment for the fitting.

Link to the Primary Care Womens' Health Forum Coil fitting patient information leaflet

Additional information on the different methods of contraception can be found via  or via


My-Sexual-Health provides the full range of reversible contraception methods, including emergency contraception, along with confidential information and advice on sexual health issues.

Condoms help to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so whatever other method of contraception you are using to prevent pregnancy, use condoms as well to protect you and your partner’s health.

Whether you access the service via the central booking line or as a walk-in at a sexual health service site, you will be triaged by one of our reception staff. This means that they will ask you a short list of questions to identify where you might be best seen. People who have no problems with their contraception and just require repeat supplies or injections can usually be seen at any site, whereas people who have problems with their contraception may need an appointment at a specific site.

You can access contraception information and support at all our My-Sexual-Health clinics across mid-Nottinghamshire.

 Our contraception service includes:

  • Long-acting reversible contraception [LARC] (ie injection, implant and intrauterine contraception)
  • Contraceptive pills, patches and vaginal rings
  • Information about female and male sterilisation
  • Management of contraception problems
  • Emergency contraception: if you have sex without using contraception or think that your contraception might have failed
  • Free condoms and lube for men and women of all ages (condoms help protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections)
  • Free pregnancy testing for those concerned about an unplanned pregnancy.