Visiting update

From 1 January 2022, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend adult in-patient visiting in order to help protect our vulnerable patients. Please visit here for more information. 

Patient appointments

As we continue to see a rise in our urgent care admissions, a surge in admissions of Covid positive patients, and workforce shortages created by Covid isolation, some appointments for planned care may need to be delayed.

We will continue to prioritise urgent and emergency care and cancer treatments and we will do everything we can to avoid delaying care. If we need to take the difficult decision to delay appointments, we will contact affected patients directly to let them know. 

If you do not hear from us, please attend as requested in your appointment letter.


Your Discharge from Hospital

There’s No Place Like Home – Safe discharge from hospital

Hospital is the best place for you when you are very unwell, but it isn’t the best place to recover, especially during a pandemic.

Once you or your family member is well enough to leave hospital, being at home makes recovery safer and faster as it’s good for your mental wellbeing, there’s less chance of catching an infection, particularly during a pandemic, and you can get good quality rest – hospitals are noisy places with lots going on.

Research also shows that if elderly patients stay in a hospital bed for long periods of time, they can lose mobility and muscle strength, which makes it harder to regain independence once they do go home.

We will never discharge anyone unless they have a safe place to go. This means that sometimes a short-term social care placement (such as a care home) in the local area may be more appropriate for recovery and this will be discussed with you as a patient, or as a family member, if it is thought to be needed.

Every inpatient admitted to King’s Mill Hospital, Newark Hospital or Mansfield Community Hospital will receive a letter from the Trust’s Chief Executive, Richard Mitchell, when arriving on the ward, explaining how we will help to safely discharge you quickly. To view the letter click here.