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Surgical Face Mask

For your safety, and that of other patients, our colleagues and community, we have taken the decision that all Sherwood Forest Hospitals’ inpatients will need to wear a surgical face mask in our hospitals. This is in line with a recommendation from the NHS nationally and many other organisations have taken the same decision.

Surgical face masks are designed and manufactured to be used in a healthcare setting. One will be given to you on arrival at hospital and more will be available to use during your stay.

Some people will have medical reasons that mean it would not be safe for them to wear a surgical mask. In these cases, wearing a visor-type mask could be considered.

For everyone else, the expectation is that you will wear a surgical mask. We understand that this will not be easy, but it is necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our hospitals.

We understand how difficult and worrying this may be for you, so we want to explain why we feel this is needed now. Please click here for more information.

Surgical Face Mask

You will now need to wear a surgical face mask when you come to hospital as a visitor or outpatient. These will be supplied at hospital entrances if you do not have your own. Read more...

Maintaining your safety is a top priority for us while planning and providing your care and treatment. 

Please see below for more information on the processes we have put in place for surgery and hospital appointments:

  • Information for outpatients – please click here
  • Preparing for elective surgery for adults – please click here
  • Preparing for elective surgery for children and young people – please click here
  • Having a Caesarean section – please click here
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Vaccination photograph

Please wait to be contacted by the NHS, please be assured that we are contacting people in priority order and you will be contacted when appropriate to make an appointment.

Please do not contact us before you have received a letter about making an appointment for the vaccine.​ For more information click here

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Due to the high Covid-19 infection rate in our area, and how busy our hospitals are, we are currently operating a restricted compassionate visiting policy for inpatients. 

We are keeping this under review and update you once our position on visiting changes.

More information can be found here

Due to the COVID-19 infection rate in our area, and how busy our hospitals are, we have a restricted compassionate visiting policy in place to help keep everyone safe.

We understand how challenging and hard restricted visiting is for the patients we’re looking after, and their friends and family. Therefore, during this period of visiting restrictions, we have introduced a Family Liaison Service, to support patients to keep in touch with their loved ones whilst receiving care in our Hospitals.   

If you want to send your loved one a message or letter on a ward in one of our hospitals, please email your message to or speak to someone in our friendly team on 01623 676189. For more information, please see our Family Liaison Service leaflet here. 

You may also wish to attach a photograph in your email. Please try to keep your email to two pages if possible and try not to include more than two images.

Our Family Liaison team will then print your message (and photographs, if emailed) and deliver it to your loved one on the ward. When getting in touch with us, please remember to include your loved one's full name, date of birth, ward they are on (if known), and any special requirements (for example large print). 

You can also contact your loved one in hospital directly on their hospedia bedside phone, a service that is now free for incoming calls for three months from Tuesday 26 January 2021. The Family Liaison Service will be able to support your loved one with setting up the phone and sharing their direct number with you.

Have you used the Family Liaison Service recently?

Share your feedback with us below: 

Friends and Family member feedback:

Patient feedback:

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Public wellbeing
It is not unusual to find it difficult to cope with a diagnosis of a physical health problem (whether long term or short term) and to find it hard to adjust to life afterwards. For more wellbeing resources click here.

Staff wellbeing
A variety of helpful guides and tools to support you, your team and your family's wellbeing during this difficult time is available here.