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We encourage our patients to invite friends and family to visit them in hospital. All visitors are asked to show consideration for other patients on the ward. 

Number of visitors: At our patients' request, we ask that you keep the number of visitors to two at any one time, as a large number of visitors may disturb other patients. 

Children: Children can visit if you discuss this with ward staff beforehand, but their visits should be for very short periods and a quiet atmosphere should be maintained. 

Carers: If you would like to continue assisting in care during the patient’s hospital stay, please ask the nurse in charge. 

Overnight accommodation: In certain circumstances we can arrange for members of the patient’s family to stay in the hospital. Please talk to a member of staff on the ward. 

Flowers: Cut flowers are not permitted on some of our wards as the water in the vases can harbour germs that could put vulnerable patients at risk of infection. There is also the potential danger of water spilling onto sensitive electrical equipment. Ward staff can give you more guidance on what’s permitted on a particular ward. 

No smoking: Please note that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises, including the entrances and grounds. 

Mobile phones: Visitors are asked to turn off their mobile phones before they enter wards, to prevent any possible interference with medical equipment. 

Aggressive behaviour: We expect all visitors to treat patients and hospital staff with respect. Please note that we operate a zero tolerance policy for aggression and violence. 

Wheelchairs: These are available in the main reception areas of all four hospitals.  Most wheelchairs are free to use but some have £1 coin charge.  Please note wheelchairs cannot be removed from hospital premises.  

Toilets: Toilets, including disabled toilet facilities, are situated in the main reception of each hospital and on each ward and clinic area.   

T-loop system: For patients with hearing impairments there are hearing loop systems in the hospitals.   Please switch your hearing aid to the 'T' position upon arrival.