Due to the Covid-19 infection rate in our area, and how busy our hospitals are, we are currently operating a restricted compassionate visiting policy for inpatients. 

We are keeping this under review and update you once our position on visiting changes.

From Monday 8 March visiting for inpatients will be allowed once the patient has been in hospital for seven days. After seven days they will be allowed one designated visitor for one hour, three times a week. This needs to be the same person throughout to minimise any risks to our patients and staff.

We understand how challenging and hard restricted visiting is for the patients we’re looking after, and their friends and family.  We will continue to have visiting for patients who are end of life, under 16, require a carer or have significant needs such as mental health and dementia.

You will now need to wear a surgical face mask at all times inside our hospitals.

What does this mean for me?
We can all play a role in reducing the spread of coronavirus and keeping our hospitals safe. If you are coming to hospital as a visitor or for planned outpatient care, it is important that you wear a surgical type IIR face mask (not a face covering) at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of other patients and staff.

People visiting our hospitals will be supplied with a surgical face mask on entry.

These surgical face masks are designed to be worn in medical settings to limit the spread of infection. Unlike cloth face coverings, they are manufactured to a recognised standard and offer enhanced protection. This decision has therefore been made in the interests of patient, visitor and staff safety.

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, our staff have a range of communication options to ensure that they can communicate effectively with you.

All visitors will be expected to comply with existing social distancing and hand hygiene measures in addition to wearing face masks while in the hospital setting.

For our up to date visiting policies click here