Inpatients at Newark Hospital

Thank you for choosing Sherwood Forest Hospitals.  Our aim is to treat every patient as we would want a member of our own family to be treated.  We hope that your stay is as comfortable as possible. 

Please Click here to download your admission guide to Newark Hospital. 

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No Smoking on site

Please be aware that our Trust is a smoke free site, including in its open areas. This is not only for patient, visitor and colleague health, but also because like all hospitals, we work with a range of flammable and explosive materials and gases, including oxygen. Smoking is a major fire and explosion risk for our hospitals and puts all of us in danger, with vulnerable patients being most at risk. Please help to keep us and yourself safe by not smoking on our sites and by not bringing cigarettes and lighters with you.

You can find more information about our smokefree policy and support here.

Sconce inpatient Ward

Sconce is our sub-acute medical Ward. Our ethos is to deliver outstanding individualised patient care. 

We focus on patients who require treatment, assessment and support following an acute inpatient stay in hospital.

We can provide rehabilitation treatment in the form of physiotherapy and occupational therapy as well as dedicated nursing and medical care. We have a ward-based discharge coordinator who will arrange for discharge into the most appropriate setting.

We repatriate patients from other hospitals following their acute episode of care who can continue to be cared for nearer to their own home.

Our overall aim is to prevent unnecessary delays and find solutions or answers quickly. We take pride in involving our patients and their families in decisions about their care. 

Visiting times for Sconce Ward are 11.30am-7pm

Ward contact numbers

Ward name 

 Telephone number

Sconce Ward

 01636 685860

Minster Day Case Ward

 01636 685850



Fernwood Community Unit

Fernwood is a 12 bedded unit specifically for people who require a short period of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is a specialist area of healthcare that aims to maximise independence and quality of life for people following a hospital admission or for those unable to cope in the community.

The maximum stay on the unit is 21 days, but we aim to bring about the highest possible level of independence and get people home before this if possible.

Everyone on the unit is under the care of the GP but they will not visit unless a consultation is required.

Please click here to view information for patients regarding staying on the unit and here to view information for visitors on visiting times.

Contact telephone numbers: 01636 685713 or 01636 685842.