New support group set up for stroke patients

Posted Tuesday, December 3, 2019 10:02 AM

New support group set up for stroke patients

Stroke patients at King’s Mill Hospital can now get extra support and help thanks to a support group that has been set up on the hospital’s stroke ward.

The patient experience group has been set up by staff from the ward and previous stroke patients to help provide hope to both stroke survivors and their families.

The first ever group was held on Wednesday 16 October which was followed by the second group, held on Wednesday 20 November. Both groups have been very successful and so it has been decided to now run them on a regular basis.

The group has been supported by two previous patients and stroke survivors, Alex Winfield and Adam Lambert.  

Alex, 31, who had a stroke at the age of just 30, said: “I think the group is a really good idea, I wish there had been something like this when I first had my stroke. It’s really good for patients to talk to other people that have experienced something similar and see that there is life after a stroke and it is possible to come through it. I would encourage anyone who has suffered a stroke to come along to the support group and have a chat, as it is really good to speak to people who have been in the same situation.”

The group runs monthly for patients on Ward 53 and their families so that they can benefit from them whilst they are still patients on the ward.

Occupational Therapist, Sara Gent, who help set up the group said: “We have had some really good feedback from patients about the group. It can be really overwhelming for patients and their family, so I think it really helps for our current patients to listen and speak to others who have had a stroke, but who have progressed and have improved through therapy and support. I would also like to thank my colleagues and our volunteers for helping to set up the group and continuing to support the running of it.”

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