Lateral flow testing during pregnancy

Posted Thursday, April 1, 2021 12:58 PM

The Government has announced that twice weekly rapid (lateral flow) testing is available to everybody from 9 April 2021 and that tests can be ordered online. Pregnant women are being encouraged to order test kits and to take the test twice weekly and 24 hours before any antenatal and maternity appointments. Those accompanying a pregnant woman to an appointment are also being encouraged to do this. 

Tests can be ordered at This site also offers alternative methods for obtaining test kits. 

When you take a test at home, you are asked to report your results to the government database either online at or via telephone by calling 119. Once your results are recorded, you should receive a text message confirming your result. 

If you are unable to use the online or telephone systems, there is a table in the back of the test kit instruction booklet where you can record your results. 

What to do when you have an antenatal appointment.
Whether you are attending a midwife appointment or coming to the hospital for a scan, we would like you, and anyone accompanying you to your appointment to do the following: 

  1. Take a lateral flow test at home the day before your appointment.
  2. Report your results to the government database as detailed above or complete the table in the back of the test kit instruction booklet.

Negative results
If your test is negative, you can attend your appointment as usual. Please bring the confirmation text or your record of test results with you and the receptionist or midwife will check your test result on your arrival. Your appointment will then continue as planned.

Positive test results
If you, or anyone accompanying you to your appointment, test positive using a home lateral flow test kit, you will need to isolate in line with the latest government guidance. Your appointment may need to be changed to a different time or later date.

Pregnant women are able to access a different test, called a PCR test, through the hospital to confirm their positive result. 

If you have a positive lateral flow test at home, ring 01623 676167 to let the hospital know and arrange a PCR test and rearrange your scan. 

Those accompanying you to your appointment that test positive are unable to access a PCR test in the same way and will need to call 119 to arrange for a PCR test.  

Please remember that both lateral flow and PCR testing is voluntary and whether you choose to have the tests or not, your level of care will not be affected, though appointment times may change slightly.

FAQs regarding lateral flow testing can be found here.

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