Sherwood Forest Hospitals is rated third best hospital trust in the NHS

Posted Thursday, March 11, 2021 4:35 PM

Sherwood Forest Hospitals is rated third best hospital trust in the NHS

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been rated the third best hospital trust in the NHS Staff Survey results for 2020, which have been released today. For the third consecutive year the Trust is also the best in the Midlands. 

In the annual survey, which also asked colleagues about working during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust, which runs King’s Mill Hospital, Newark Hospital and Mansfield Community Hospital, has the third best overall score in the NHS, when averaged across the 10 survey areas (domains).

Sherwood is in the Acute/Acute and Community Trust category, which contains 128 trusts in total.

In other highlights Sherwood was rated:

  • second best in the NHS for morale among acute and acute and community trusts
  • third best in the NHS for quality of care
  • third best in the NHS for 'I would recommend my organisation as a place to work'
  • fourth best in the NHS for team work
  • best in the NHS for “We are given feedback about changes made in response to reported errors, near misses and incidents”

Sixty one per cent of people working at the Trust responded to the survey, which is one of the highest response rates in the NHS, and the highest in the region.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals’ Chief Executive, Richard Mitchell, said: “I’m incredibly proud that we have continued to improve in our staff survey results for the fifth consecutive year, and that colleagues have rated the Trust the third best in the NHS to work and yet again the best in the Midlands. This is also good news for patients and communities because we know listening to, supporting and including colleagues in decision making, will mean better care for patients.

“Today’s results are a huge testament to our colleagues, particularly over the last year throughout Covid-19, when things have been tougher than any other year.

“The findings from the survey show what a great place Sherwood is to work and that our priority of looking after each other makes a real difference. For us, colleague wellbeing and welfare is a true long-term priority for us and it is a golden thread that runs through everything we do. We do our best to make sure we always have practical solutions in place to ensure that colleagues can access the help, support and advice they need so that they can feel happy and motivated.

“Thank you to all colleagues working across our three hospitals for the commitment and determination you have shown over the last year – it is you that makes our Trust what it is – one of the best Acute Trusts in the NHS and the best in the Midlands.

“Although these findings are extremely positive, there are, of course, areas we need to improve and the findings from this year’s survey will provide us with useful information so we can see where we need to focus next.”

The support on offer to colleagues is one of the things that people have said makes Sherwood Forest Hospitals one of the best places in the country to work. “We have worked in many different hospitals, and are in regular contact with colleagues across the region,” said a junior doctor at the end of their placement at Sherwood. “I am confident that no-one has received more support than colleagues here at Sherwood. When I am looking for jobs in future, I won’t just ask ‘where is the best place to work?’, but also ‘which hospital will give the most support, to me, as a person?’ Sherwood has certainly fulfilled both of these criteria.”

Holly Beacroft, a Critical Care Nurse at King’s Mill Hospital who has been working through the pandemic caring for Covid positive patients, said: “I’m really proud to be a part of the Sherwood team. It has been such a difficult year for all of our colleagues both professionally and in our home lives, but it genuinely feels like we are part of a team all pulling together and to know the Trust cares about me as a person and my wellbeing and welfare goes a long way. It helps me to focus on what’s most important – caring for patients!”

Sherwood Forest Hospitals’ Director of Culture and Improvement, Emma Challans, added: “We’re extremely proud of what the results from the most recent survey say about our hospitals and the colleagues that work here. The results indicate that colleagues feel safe, cared for and part of a team where patient care is our top priority. We are confident that Sherwood is a great place to work and receive care and once again our survey has shown substantial improvements in many key areas.  I want to say thank you to each and every person that works across Sherwood Forest Hospitals, our volunteers and partners. 

“Whilst dealing with a national pandemic we have continued to hold dearly our values and increase our offers of support in wellbeing, flexible working and keeping patients safe. Our mission is to continually engage, listen and take every reasonable action to optimise Sherwood as a great place to work and receive care. 

“Finally, I would like to recognise our community and members of the public for their help and support the last 12 months. We know that having one of the best acute hospitals in the country, here on your door stop and led by highly skilled and compassionate professionals means a lot. We pride ourselves on a positive culture of engagement both within the organisation and outside of it and our community play a key part in this. Thank you.”

The Trust takes part in the annual National NHS Staff Survey each year and all colleagues were invited to share their views. The results are primarily intended for use by NHS organisations to help them review and improve staff experience. The Care Quality Commission uses the results from the survey to monitor ongoing compliance with essential standards of quality and safety.

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