It’s a triple whammy family affair as three brothers get vaccinated together as King’s Mill Hospital delivers 100,000th vaccine

Posted Thursday, May 27, 2021 1:10 PM

It’s a triple whammy family affair as three brothers get vaccinated together as King’s Mill Hospital delivers 100,000th vaccine

Brothers Joe, Mikey and Ben Fleet-Chapman decided to get vaccinated together at King’s Mill Hospital as the 100,000th vaccine from the hospital hub was given.

The brothers were definitely in arms as they proudly sat together to be vaccinated at the same time. Joe aged 25, Mikey aged 22 and Ben aged 27 all from South Clifton near Newark, decided to pull the hat-trick and receive their first vaccines together to get protected as a family to help protect both themselves and their father, Dean, who has recently had a heart transplant and is therefore classed as vulnerable.

Joe said: “It’s an honour to have been vaccinated and be the person who receives the 100,000th vaccine here at
King’s Mill’s vaccination hub. It’s reassuring that we have been able to be vaccinated due to having someone vulnerable at home. We needed to get vaccinated to protect Dad and stop any spread of the virus in our household.

“Mum and Dad were able to get their vaccines fairly early on, but then when we got the letter through saying we could have ours too it was a huge relief and we got booked in quickly.

“It’s encouraging to see the reduced numbers of Coronavirus in the community and reduced spread, we hope it’s going to make a massive difference to not only us and our family but to everyone, which is why we knew it was so important to get vaccinated. 

“The staff here couldn’t have been more helpful and it was a really easy process to get booked in and go through the system. We’ve been treated like celebrities here today thanks to being part of the 100,000th vaccine, so it’s been brilliant. Everyone is so friendly and you feel safe coming here and getting vaccinated.”

Mikey added: “I’d definitely encourage people to come along and get vaccinated when they can because it’s going to make everyone safer. Especially for us, having Dad at home, now we are vaccinated, we can move more freely around the home without having to worry as much, it’s a real weight off our minds.”

Operational Lead for the Vaccine Hub, Kim Kirk said: “It has been brilliant to see colleagues and families coming in to get vaccinated together when they can. It was a special moment to watch Joe being vaccinated with our 100,000th vaccine with his brothers. 

“We have such a great atmosphere at the hub, which is something that I have seen right the way through, everybody has been so engaged and invested in the vaccine process. People have pulled together and it has been an amazing example of team spirit, we have seen colleagues and people from all different walks of life have getting involved and helping. 

“Everyone has been brilliant, it’s a shining example of cross partnership working at its very best, we get such amazing feedback from colleagues and people having the vaccine. Leading the team is an absolute privilege, and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved and to everyone who continues to support us.” 

King’s Mill Hospital’s Vaccination Hub is open from 8am – 8pm Monday – Sunday. If you are aged between 30 – 49 you can book your vaccine at the hub here. If you are over 50 you can book your vaccine at the King’s Mill Hospital Vaccination Hub here.

Eligible patients who would like to book elsewhere across Nottinghamshire should visit the national vaccination site here or call 119 to book their vaccination appointment.