Newark Hospital's longest-serving colleague celebrates 50 years

Posted Thursday, December 21, 2023 4:55 PM

Newark Hospital's longest-serving colleague celebrates 50 years

Newark Hospital’s longest-serving colleague has been recognised for achieving a remarkable 50 years of service.

Margaret Michie, who is a clinic receptionist mainly in Eastwood Centre at Newark Hospital, had requested that no fuss be made of her special milestone.

But David Ainsworth, Director for Strategy and Partnerships at Sherwood Forest Hospitals; Rob Simcox, Director of People, and Yvonne Simpson, Associate Director of Nursing, couldn’t let the occasion pass without marking it in some small way.

In line with Margaret’s wishes they kept it low-key and presented her with a framed certificate and a letter to show their thanks and appreciation.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust colleagues are awarded pin badges for reaching certain milestones, but a 50-year badge had to be specially ordered because Margaret is believed to be the first colleague at the Trust to reach five decades.

Margaret has worked in various departments since starting work as a radiology secretary in 1973. She has worked in Medical Records and on Minster Ward, roles that have given her a wealth of knowledge.

Margaret, who lives in Newark, said: “I don’t know where the years have gone – it’s flown by.

“I have very fond memories of typing up difficult medical terminology on a typewriter as consultant radiologists interpreted x-rays. They were very patient, and one explained that the majority of the words came from Latin.

“I enjoy coming to work and meeting patients. It helps to keep my brain active, and I am very fortunate to work with lovely people.”

Helena Stockdale, Team Leader of Outpatient and Medical Records, said: “Margaret is a valued member of the clinic reception team. Margaret likes to look after her consultants, the staff around her and, ultimately, the patients. She takes great pride in her work and is a very conscientious person who has a vast knowledge of medical terminology.

“It is truly amazing that Margaret has given 50 years of service to the Trust and to Newark Hospital and I’m honoured that she has spent some of those years with the Newark clinic reception.”

One of Margaret’s memories from her time working at the hospital was when her colleagues at the old Newark Hospital site on London Road decorated her bicycle ahead of her wedding in July 1978.

Margaret said: “I wasn’t too pleased to have to bike home with my bicycle covered in balloons, but my lovely brother picked me up halfway and put my bike in the boot of his car as he knew I’d be embarrassed!”

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