Praise for supporting internationally educated NHS colleagues

Posted Monday, December 4, 2023 11:36 AM

Praise for supporting internationally educated NHS colleagues

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been recognised for the high-quality pastoral care given to its internationally educated Nurses and Midwives. 

The Trust has been awarded the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award for the support it provides to its colleagues throughout the recruitment process and during their employment.

England’s Chief Nursing Officer Dame Ruth May and Chief Midwifery Officer Kate Brintworth presented a certificate of achievement to members of the Nursing team on a recent visit to King’s Mill Hospital. 

The Pastoral Care Quality Award was launched in March 2022 by the Nursing International Recruitment Programme, which supports NHS Trusts in providing pastoral care. 

Providing wellbeing to colleagues and ensuring they are properly supported is of high priority to the Trust, especially when it comes to internationally recruited colleagues as they often move on their own to a new country and organisation that they are not familiar with. 

The Trust ensures that International Midwives and Nurses are supported from the moment the recruitment process begins and before they arrive at the Trust. Colleagues are provided with details of what they need to know about life in the UK such as housing and registering with local GPs and banks. The package ensures they have all the necessary information before beginning life in the UK. 

The pastoral care for international Nurses and Midwives continues throughout their whole time at Sherwood. Once they have arrived, they have a bespoke induction to ensure they have the right tools and information to support them through their career and life in the UK. 

The Trust has been recruiting international colleagues for more than four years and has more than 200 international Nurses and two international Midwives. 

The Trust recently employed two new Pastoral Care nurses Shintel Sibanda and Ruby Grace-Manalo to help with ensuring international colleagues are supported. This includes health and wellbeing support and working with the Faith Centre to ensure they have a safe place to practice religion and all religious events are recognised. 

The role of the Pastoral Care Support workers also ensures that colleagues’ professional development is also supported. Colleagues are actively encouraged and supported to make sure they can progress in their career. Colleagues are sponsored through leadership programmes and work together on reverse mentorship. There are currently 19 international Nurses and one international Midwife taking the Florence Nightingale Leadership Programme. 

Phil Bolton, Chief Nurse at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, said: “I’m incredibly proud that the Trust has been awarded this and we’re being recognised for the work we do. The wellbeing of all our colleagues is a huge priority for us.  

“Not only have they started a new role in such a big organisation but have moved to a new country and we understand just how daunting this can be. We always try to ensure they have everything they need whilst with us, including ensuring they continue to develop and flourish in their roles. This is a testament to the work our colleagues do, especially our Pastoral Care Support leads.” 

Nina Morgan, Regional Chief Nurse (Midlands), said: “We are delighted that the Trust has been recognised for the important work they have demonstrated supporting the wellbeing and development of their international nurses.” 

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