Colleagues celebrate diverse workforce

Posted Friday, March 3, 2023 5:33 PM

Colleagues celebrate diverse workforce

With colleagues from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust is celebrating its diverse workforce as part of Overseas NHS Workers Day today (Friday 3 March).  

Hospital staff unveiled a large artwork featuring 95 flags - each flag representing the countries of birth of the trust’s 5,000-plus workforce.

It’s on display beside the main lifts on the ground floor of King’s Mill Hospital, where it can be seen by thousands of patients, staff and visitors every day.

Since the installation was first created almost a year ago, staff from a further 10 backgrounds and nationalities have joined the trust. These flags have been added and it’s hoped more will follow every year.

The artwork supports the Trust’s anti-racism strategy and promotes equality, diversity and inclusivity, summed up by the title: ‘One world, one #TeamSFH.’

Rob Simcox, Director of People at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, said: “I’m really proud that our workforce represents an A to Z of countries around the world.

“Overseas colleagues bring a vast amount of skills, knowledge and expertise to our hospitals and together we deliver outstanding care to our patients, local communities and each other every day.  

“I’m really pleased that we are heading towards employing colleagues from 100 nationalities and I hope that figure will continue to rise as we aim to update it annually.

“I want our international colleagues to look at this artwork and know how much their contribution is appreciated. Thank you to each and every one.”

People from ethnic minorities make up almost 18% of the Trust’s workforce, which is higher than the local population of 5% (2011 census).

The third annual Overseas NHS Workers Day was organised by Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK).

The updated artwork will be put on display at the trust’s Newark Hospital and Mansfield Community Hospital sites. 

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