Sherwood Voices

Sherwood Voices

Sherwood Voices is a new blog initiative inviting colleagues to share their experiences of SFH, their lives or their local community with all #TeamSFH colleagues, by writing a blog on their chosen theme or topic.

Some Sherwood Voices blogs will be shared with our local community, and can be viewed below. Thank you to all colleagues who have shared their experiences. 

  • Joy Wilson - Community Involvement Co-ordinators

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 34 - Joy Wilson and Jo Thornley

    We would like to take this opportunity, during National Volunteers’ Week, to introduce ourselves and provide you with some information about our department and how hospital volunteers make a difference.

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  • Emily Omuvwie - Generic Research Nurse

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 33 - Emily Omuvwie

    Hello! My name is Emily Omuvwie, Generic Research Nurse

    This week is the perfect opportunity to talk about my experience in working in research as it is National Clinical Trials Day on Friday 20 May.

    It has been a journey through steady streams of variable levels and then the storm did hit with the pandemic. The journey continued on turbulent waters as we were trying to make sense of it all, and at the same time find our steady feet on solid grounds to deal with the ever-expanding pandemic situation! This triggered a national response with new studies coming into play, some ongoing studies suspended and some that were modified (i.e., ways of working) to keep participants and staff safe.

  • Molly Fish - Department Administrator for the OPAT Team

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 32 - Molly Fish

    Hello, my name is Molly Fish and I am the Department Administrator for the OPAT Team.

    I’ve worked at Team SFH for over 6 years now and have been with OPAT for just over a year. My colleague, Ann Chapman is a Ward Receptionist for MDCU and has been with the Trust for over 15 years. We meet daily for walks around the hospital and you can find out why here.

  • Beth Carey - Falls Prevention Practitioner

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 30 - Beth Carey

    I’m Beth, I’m a falls prevention practitioner here at the trust and a physiotherapist by background. My journey at Sherwood Forest Hospitals started as a student physio, and enjoyed working at the trust so much that I got my first job here a year later. Five years on from qualifying, I’m still here! Read this week's blog from Beth here.

  • Andrew Jacklin - TNA

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 29 - Andrew Jacklin

    Andrew Jacklin, Trainee Nursing Associate from the October 2021 cohort. Andrew is based on the Endoscopy Unit at King's Mill Hospital. Find out more about Andrew's role as a TNA in this week's blog here.

  • Health and Wellbeing special Amy Gouldstone and Sarah Toft - Health and Wellbeing special

    Sherwood Voices - Edition 28 - Health and Wellbeing Special 

    Click here to read our Health and Wellbeing edition, welcoming Amy Gouldstone and Sarah Toft to Sherwood's Health and Wellbeing team. 

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  • Climate Action Team at Sherwood - Climate Action team

    Sherwood's Climate Action Team share some top tips and sustainability ideas on how to promote and support positive climate action, both at work and at home.

    Click here to read. 

  • Julia Andrew - Newark Community Midwife

    Julia shares her passion for the environment and supporting families to consider the option of reusable nappies and wipes for their new-born.

    Click here to read Julia's blog. 

  • Alia Elkadiki - Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Lipidologist

    "Positive culture and good behaviour should be addressed and appreciated. I have worked in many hospitals before I landed at Sherwood Forest Trust and from day one, I felt something different; colleagues are busy, but happy.

    I felt valued and respected. 

    I was given opportunities to grow." 

    To read Alia's blog, please visit here. 

  • Kate Wright and Carl Miller Chief AHPs - Chief AHPs

    "All AHPs are invaluable members of #TeamSFH and contribute to the delivery of outstanding healthcare. We’re delighted to be able to celebrate and recognise our fantastic AHP workforce on this special day. Thank you for everything you do to support your patients and local community, and also, your colleagues."

    Visit here to view Kate and Carl's AHP Day blog. 

  • Kimberley Cannon - Sustainability Service Lead

    "I love to hear colleagues’ ideas about climate action and work together to see what we can achieve, so if you have an idea for an energy saving initiative or a smarter way of working which may reduce the trust’s carbon emissions, please let me know."

    To read Kim's blog, please visit here. 

  • Matt Frederick - Orthotist

    Matt Frederick, Orthotic Clinical Lead

    This week we celebrated Prosthetists and Orthotists Day and recognised our Sherwood colleagues supporting these roles. Did you know that there are only 110 NHS Orthotists in England? We have four Orthotists at Sherwood who look after and care for our patients. 

    Some of our patients leave their feedback of the Orthotic service at Sherwood. Find out what they said in Matt's blog.

    Click here to read to read Matt's blog

  • Craig Short - Audit and Improvement Officer

    "It all began back in March 2020: the Covid pandemic was descending upon us, and we were asked to remain at home and await further instruction. At this point I felt helpless. I felt I needed to do something positive in order to overcome my own feelings of self-absorption and guilt."

    Click here to read Craig's blog on how exercise became an inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how his 'bright spark' idea led to Sherwood's first 'Fitness for All' challenge. 

  • Sherwood Voices - NHS Big Tea 2021 Special

    Some Sherwood colleagues have been sharing their NHS stories with us in celebration of the NHS's 73rd Birthday! Click the links below to read.

    Ashanti Shand 

    Jill Smallwood 

    Ursula Clifton 

  • Julie Hogg - Chief Nurse

    Chief Nurse, Julie Hogg introduces Sherwood's new award, TULIP. 

    Touching Unique Lives in Practice, is an award that celebrates colleagues who go above and beyond when delivering outstanding care. Find out more about the awards, how to nominate and how we celebrate the winners by clicking here. 

  • Anne Kabia and Leanne Dawn - ITU

    Friday 2 July

    “Working alongside my daughter in our ICU meant I could not only see her more, but also learn from her and make sure she was ok.”

    Click here to read Anne's blog. 

  • Anne Wildgoose - Chief Nurse Clinical Fellow

    Wednesday 23 June 

    “Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to read my first Sherwood Voices blog. I am very excited to share the news about our new Internal Transfer Scheme, which I have been working on as part of my Clinical Fellow secondment.”

    Click here to read Anne's blog 

  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week 2021 - EQW2021

    Sherwood Voices - Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week

    This year, each day of the week-long campaign will focus on the NHS People Promise. We have lots of exciting blogs, videos and updates to share with you throughout the week, so watch this space. We'd love for you to get involved on social media using #SFHEDI #EQW2021 and by following and tagging our Sherwood and EDI accounts on twitter. 

    Monday - Being a team

    To read Monday's blog, by Ali Pearson, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion manager, please click here. 

    To view Sherwood's #TeamSFH video, please click the image above. 

    Tuesday - Reward and recognition

    To read Tuesday's blog, by Richard Mitchell, Chief Executive, please click here. 

    Wednesday -  A voice that counts

    To read Wednesday's blog by Kerry Bosworth, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, please click here.

    Wednesday is also Staff Network day. Hear from Ali Pearson, Angela Sutton, Mitchel Speed, Suman Dove and Tabetha Darmon in our special staff network blog which discusses our three staff networks, available for colleagues to join for support and to drive improvements. Please click here to read. 

    Thursday - Safety and health 

    To read Thursday's blog, which includes updates from MEMD, IPC, Occupational Health and our health and safety team, including updates on our wellbeing offer and Mental Health Awareness Week, please click here. 

    Friday - Compassion and inclusivity 

    To read Friday's blog by Emma Challans on compassion, please click here. 

    To view Ali's inclusivity video, please click here.

  • Kathryn Jackson - Sherwood Voices

    "As I stood in a layby on the A616, snow all around me, I looked out over the fields and although I was alone, I didn’t feel lonely, like I do at home and at work. 

    "There was a serene atmosphere and the landscape was so beautiful in the snow, the air was clean and cold and for a while, I forgot the madness of the past year and a half."

    Click here to read Kathryn's blog. 

  • Administrative Professionals Week 2021 - Admin Week

    Sherwood Voices - Administrative Professionals Week 2021
    From Monday 19 to Friday 23 April, we'll be celebrating and recognising #TeamSFH's remarkable administrative colleagues in a week-long series of blogs, from five colleagues working in a variety of administrative roles at Sherwood. Each role at the Trust, whether clinical or non-clinical, supports, enhances and enables outstanding patient care. 

    Monday: Amy Butler, Department Secretary for Critical Care Unit

    Click here to read Amy's blog.

    Tuesday: Mitchel Speed, Patient Experience Officer

    Click here to read Mitchel's blog. 

    Wednesday: Ann Gray, Patient Services Manager

    Click here to read Ann's blog. 

    Thursday: Edward Pearse, Project Management Office Administrator

    Click here to read Edward's blog. 

    Friday: Diane, Operational Support Officer in Medicine

    Click here to read Diane's blog.  

  • Rebecca Barker - Consultant Anaesthetist

    "As a Consultant Anaesthetist in the Pre-operative Team at Sherwood, I know that the fitter a person is before they go into surgery, the more likely they are to have a good outcome. But, what is the role of secondary care in helping patients to be ‘fitter for surgery and fitter for life’?"

    To read Rebecca's Sherwood Voices blog, please click here.

  • Justin Wyatt - Charge Nurse

    Justin shares his personal mental health and wellbeing journey, in particular reflections from the last 12 months during the pandemic. 

    "In this blog, I will share my own experience of mental health problems, and how I feel it has affected my personal and professional life."

    To read Justin's blog, please click here. 

  • Emma Challans - Director of Culture and Improvement

    “I think it is important to look back to be able to move forward.”

    Emma Challans, Director of Culture and Improvement shares her reflections on Sherwood during the last six months, and captures her emotions and expressions with a series of words and images, which she hopes resonates with #TeamSFH colleagues.

    To read Emma's blog, please visit here

  • Isobel Parks - Sherwood colleague

    Isobel shares a personal letter addressed to COVID-19. Read what she has to say to the disease that changed people's lives around the globe. 

    "I must say, I’m not impressed with the pain and distress that you have put all of us through. Since you’ve become known to us, you’ve destroyed so many lives."

    Click here to read. 

  • Zero Discrimination Day 2021 Sherwood Voices - Sherwood Voices

    On Zero Discrimination Day, Sherwood’s staff network members collaboratively feature in their first joint Sherwood Voices blog, which includes personal discrimination experiences from colleagues from all three staff networks. Thank you to everyone who took part to recognise this important and significant day in Sherwood’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity calendar. Click here to read. 

    “As a Black woman, I suffer what I would describe as triple discrimination, which makes life very challenging: age, gender and my race."

    "As a dyslexic person, I often find that people laugh when I misread or misspell something."

    “Gender discrimination still exists. As a female consultant, I still get patients who say ‘I am surprised, I thought I was going to see a man.’”

  • LGBT+ History Month February 2021 - Sherwood Voices

    Throughout February 2021, we'll be sharing blogs and the experiences of colleagues and friends within the Sherwood Forest Hospitals' LGBT Staff Network. To read these blogs, please click the links below. Thank you to everyone who took part. 

    Phil Eardley talks about how reading ‘The Front Runner’ by Patricia Neil Warren was hugely influential to him when he was finding his identity. Click here to read.

    "I re-read the novel much later in life, finding new insight, and interpreted it in a very different way. This time it was the injustice around the prejudice, and the additional barriers that a person's sexuality can generate, that jumped out at me."

    Mitchel Speed talks about his experience of being part of the LGBT+ Community and working at Sherwood. Click here to read. 

    "Being part of the LGBT+ community is something I am proud of; it’s who I am. When I told my family that I’m gay, I was shaking with worry. They were all so happy for me, and still are very proud of me. After this, it was so easy for me to relax and become the man I am today."

    Kerry Thomas explains why it took her some time to accept her sexuality and how she found the courage to be her true self. Click here to read. 

    "As a teen growing up in the 90s, I believed that being gay was wrong. So, when I realised I liked girls, I tried to suppress those feelings and pretended to be someone I’m not."

    Angela Sutton, PMO Manager and LGBT Staff Network chair shares her experience of her daughter 'coming out'. Click here to read.

    "Unfortunately we don’t live in a society where everyone appreciates or supports others sexuality. This LGBT+ History Month, let’s remember that life is to be celebrated and that we should celebrate this life together regardless of our gender or sexuality."

  • Sara Booth - Specialist Biomedical Scientist

    Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Sara Booth, shares her debut Sherwood Voices blog, "what being a scientist and health hero during the pandemic means to me."

    "Reaching out to others, whilst difficult sometimes, is of great importance at this time. We are all in this together, we need each other, and our human and furry friends can help us get through lonely and mental dips at times."

    To read Sara's blog, please click here. 

  • Karen Colbeck-Rowe - Team Coordinator, Critical Care

    A photograph of Karen Colbeck-Rowe, team coordinator at King's Mill Hospital's Critical Care Unit and colleague Jill Kirk, staff nurse on Critical Care, was shared on our social media channels last week. The photograph shows Jill and Karen, wearing full PPE, hugging each other following a build up of emotion, fears, exhaustion and love for their colleagues after nearly a year of looking after the sickest patients in Nottinghamshire with Covid-19.

    To read Karen and Jill's honest account of working throughout the pandemic in a NHS Critical Care Unit, please click here. 

    Following the photograph, Karen shares a personal poem with her colleagues in the Critical Care Unit at King's Mill Hospital. Please click here to read Karen's poem dedicated to her 'critical care family'.

  • Simon Barton - Chief Operating Officer

    Sherwood Voices - Simon Barton - Monday 25 January 2021

    Chief Operating Officer at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, Simon Barton, shares 'The Secret Diary of a Hospital Chief Operating Officer' in his first Sherwood Voices blog. 

    “We can sort out PPE, we can manage oxygen flow around the hospital, we can make sure people have the right support, but we can’t make this stop.

    I can’t fix the loss that people are seeing every day; I can’t take away their trauma; and I can’t fix the fact that we have been living and working with this virus for almost a year.”

    Please click here to read...

  • Justin Wyatt. - Charge Nurse

    Sherwood Voices - Justin Wyatt - Tuesday 19 January 2021

    An exceptional year: life as a nurse during the pandemic

    Justin’s account of 2020 begins with the expectations of the year ahead: holidays to plan with his family and patients to look after at work. However, within a few weeks of 2020, his and SFH colleagues’ plans need to change to support an influx of patients being treated in hospital with COVID. 

    Justin, Charge Nurse at King’s Mill Hospital, explores his personal and work life throughout 2020, a difficult and challenging year for all NHS colleagues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin reflects on the patients he looked after, at how poorly they had become in a short amount of time, and how treatment in hospital saved their lives. He also reflects on the impact this pandemic has had on his colleagues and family members.

    Follow Justin’s year by reading his first Sherwood Voices blog here.

  • Julie Hogg - Chief Nurse

    Sherwood Voices - Julie Hogg - Tuesday 22 December 2020

    Julie Hogg shares her reflections from her first year as being Chief Nurse at Sherwood with NHS Providers. 

    "As I write this blog, my first year as chief nurse is drawing to a close and it's been no ordinary year. I can hand on heart say that had I known what this year would bring back in September 2019, I would have chosen to stay as a deputy within an organisation that I knew well – thankfully I didn't!"

    Please click here to view Julie's blog. 

  • Vanessa Smith - Staff Nurse

    Sherwood Voices - Vanessa Smith - Thursday 3 December 2020

    Staff nurse at Newark Hospital, Vanessa Smith shares her experiences of training to become a nurse in the NHS, whilst combatting stigma and discrimination due to her 'unseen' disability, Otosclerosis. Read Vanessa's personal and reflective blog to learn how you can adapt every day tasks and conversations easily to support people with hearing impediments, particularly whilst at work. If you would like to read Vanessa's blog, please click here

  • Alison Pearson - Assistant HR Business Partner

    Sherwood Voices - Special #IDPWD2020 Edition - Thursday 3 December 2020

    On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, SFH colleague Alison Pearson shared a poem reflecting on IDPWD and her personal experiences with 'unseen' disabilities. If you would like to read Alison's poem, please click here.

  • Sally Palmer - Nurse Consultant Infection Prevention and Control

    "The last year has been one of the most challenging in my career, as it will have been for many of us. What has helped me keep going through it is the team work and support from all colleagues in the organisation..."

    Read Sally's blog here on how she is passionate about her role in Infection Prevention and Control, how colleagues helped her to get through the most challenging period in her career, and why this week has ben Infection Control and Prevention Week at Sherwood.

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