Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

In order to provide excellent quality of care and patient safety we need to promote a culture which is open and honest. The Freedom to Speak Up agenda is there to support staff to raise concerns when the quality of care may not live up to the standards which we expect of ourselves and others.

Speaking Up fosters an environment which supports learning, moving forward and improving our service. For more information regarding speaking up or raising a concern, please access our ‘Speaking Up’ policy or contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals’ Freedom to Speak Up Guardian is Kerry Bosworth. She is here to offer impartial and confidential advice and support at any stage of the speaking up process. Any concerns raised to Kerry are sensitively managed and outcomes will be discussed with you from the beginning. Kerry will maintain contact with you throughout the speaking up process and provide feedback regularly whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Kerry can be contacted by telephone 01623 622515 extension 4559, on email or 07788 224490.

Freedom to Speak Up Champions

Kerry is supported by 19 Freedom to Speak Up Champions across our hospital sites. Please click here to view their contact details.

If you are interested in becoming a Freedom to Speak Up Champion, please contact Kerry.

Speaking Up Policy

The Speaking Up policy can be accessed by clicking here